Are you one of the many B2B marketers who hates using Twitter for lead generation?

No one’s blaming you. Twitter’s stock price continuously struggles to stay afloat, and many would argue that this is likely due to their poor reputation as an advertising platform for businesses.

The truth is, you don’t need to pay for sponsored posts on Twitter to find B2B sales leads. You really just need to understand how to use the platform to its full potential.

How to Find B2B Sales Leads on Twitter

In many ways, Twitter is arguably a better platform than LinkedIn for collecting data because it’s less formal. On Twitter, conversations happen in real-time and – while remaining professional for the most part – the conversations can be much more casual and honest.

Engaging with businesses and employees on Twitter is crucial for not only improving brand awareness but connecting with your audience.

Optimize Your Profile Pages

The first thing every B2B marketer should do is optimize their business profile page and the profile page of everyone at the company.

  • Photos: Use high-quality custom cover photos in the right dimensions (currently, 1500 x 500). Keep in mind that your profile picture will take up a portion of the cover photo. Choose a cover photo that relies heavily on branding.
  • Links: Many businesses and individuals link to their company’s homepage. That’s great, but in many cases, homepages aren’t designed to capture leads. Instead, link to a blog or landing page you’ve optimized to generate leads.

Track Your Links

Of course, you want to add links to your Tweets and pages. However, it’s also essential to use a shortener like Bitly.

For one thing, shorter links help you squeeze the most space out of your character count and, according to Bitly, they can increase clicks by 34%.

Link shorteners also have another amazing feature: they allow you to track clicks and engagement. Even free versions of Bitly let you track clicks. With paid or enterprise services, you can integrate your Bitly account with other marketing tools and analyze your data in one place.

Use the Advanced Search Feature

Every marketer should familiarize themselves with Twitter’s Advanced Search if they want to generate high-quality B2B sales leads.

Honestly, it’s a much more pleasant experience than Facebook’s search, which makes it difficult to find what you need. On Twitter, you can search just as you would with any other marketing tool or search engine.

Search by date, name, location, and more. You can also include or exclude hashtags, phrases, and languages.

Stay Updated on Competitors

A lot of B2B marketers use Twitter to find leads by following accounts of people who follow their competitors (yes, quite a mouthful) – but you shouldn’t stop there.

No, you don’t need to put on a fake front and pretend to be their friend. You could, however, engage with some of their content professionally.

It’s also a good idea to use the Advanced Search feature to see what people are saying about your competitors and see how that compares to your company’s mentions.

Grab Content Ideas

Conversations happen on Twitter. They’re not always productive, but you can still find some great content ideas.

As you scour through your Advanced Search results – or even your regular feed – analyze conversations with a marketing-focused mind.

What types of questions are people asking your competitors? What problems do people face? Use this information to create your own nuanced content and stay ahead on marketing trends.

Integrate Your Data

Most social media platforms, including Twitter, make it easy to integrate your contacts and some data from other sources. However, you can also export your contacts from Twitter and integrate that data with other platforms and tools.

Use this information to your advantage on other channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Hushly, and your email service provider. Look for any gaps in information that each platform can help fill as you build lead profiles and narrow your audience segments.

Start Generating More Leads Today

You only have 24 hours in the day. Shouldn’t your website do most of your lead generation and nurturing work for you? When leads visit your website from Twitter, provide them with valuable content, they can binge. Make it easy for them to consume information about your brand and industry and their own pace and provide their contact information when they’re ready.

Hushly can help you deliver highly personalized content for your B2B sales leads at the perfect time. Learn how our platform can help you skyrocket new lead conversions by 51% and lead quality by 59%.

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