Use Cases

Campaign Landing Pages

This use case was created by Demand Gen and Growth Marketers.  This solution will deliver personalized landing pages and microsites for every type of marketing campaign.

Campaign Landing Pages

Business Challenges

Marketers rely on short and long term campaigns to drive specific results based on the type of campaign being run.  The challenge is finding a way to quickly spin up landing pages and microsites that can track performance and serve a multitude of use cases without the need to involve marketing operations to build them.


Self-Service & User Friendly

Create email, brand, launch, market, and industry campaigns.


Personalization Without Complexity

Quickly personalize page elements such as text, images, CTA’s, layouts and more.


Measure Performance & Apply Learning

Measure campaign performance, page metrics, content metrics, conversion metrics.

Recommended Solution

This combination of Hushly products and platform functionality is the best way to get results from account-based marketing strategies as well as other target account marketing strategies.

Solution Products & Platform Functionality

Multi-Variant Landing Page Builder

Landing Page Builder

  • Personalized Account Pages
  • Highly Scalable & Dynamic
  • No Coding
B Website Personalization

A/B Website

  • Site wide Personalization
  • Increase Campaign Conversion
  • Lift Campaign Engagement
Self-Nurturing Landing Page

Self-Nurturing Landing Page

  • Content Bingeing
  • Content Recommendations
  • Gated or UnGated Content Pre-views

Secure Pages

Only authenticated account visitors gain access

AI First-Party Intent

AI First-Party Intent

Generate and publish 1st-party data

AI Personalization

AI Personalization

Dynamically personalize content, images, layouts, text

Gen AI Image Creation

Generate and upscale images for banners, tiles, thumbnails.

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