In many industries, B2B lead generation tactics have become the difference between the companies at the top and those that constantly struggle to hold on for another year.

Obviously, the better you’re able to generate leads, the more sales your company is likely to make.

That’s not all, though.

Each new lead also represents an opportunity to test the rest of your funnel. More leads mean more opportunities, so lead-generation is also about being able to improve every last aspect of the funnel you rely on to increase your bottom line.

4 B2B Lead Generation Tactics to Improve Your Results

It’s why you always need to be on the lookout for new B2B lead generation tactics. If you’re currently underwhelmed with your funnel’s results, new tactics may help to change that.

However, even if you are seeing sufficient leads at the moment, you can always use new tactics to conduct A/B testing and look for opportunities to improve.

Here are four such tactics – laid out in a step-by-step approach – you can put to work right away to immediately generate more leads.

1. Increase the Traffic to Your Site

The first step is to bring leads to your site.

Ideally, you want to use B2B content marketing for this because each asset you create is a one-time investment that will produce results for years to come.

However, depending on how competitive your industry is, it could also be a while before those results arrive.

So, if you currently aren’t enjoying any visitors to your site, divide your budget between content marketing and paid traffic. No B2B lead generation tactics will ever work if you aren’t someone able to generate traffic first. Over time, you can reallocate your budget in organic’s favor, but for now, start paying for those visitors until you’re regularly seeing sufficient amounts.

2. Use Lead Magnets to Capture Your Emails

Every B2B marketing strategy should include lead magnets. They’re the most reliable way to gain your prospects’ email addresses, which the vast majority of B2B companies need in order to eventually earn a conversion. Even when your organic-traffic strategy is paying off, it’s horribly inefficient to simply hope that a lead returns again and again before finally becoming a customer someday.

Furthermore, strong lead magnets will improve the ROI on your paid traffic. Most of your leads probably won’t be ready to buy right away after clicking on just one ad, but they’ll give you their email addresses for an enticing lead magnet.

3. Utilize Social-Media Matching

Another reason to love lead magnets: you can use leads’ emails to find them on social media platforms.

Then, you can create custom audiences and run ads to these qualified groups. Even better, on Facebook, you can create lookalike audiences for these groups. Now, you’re able to run ads to leads who may have never heard of your company or been to your site but are still qualified prospects.

This one step alone will dramatically increase your list of leads and the insights you have to effectively market your company to them.

4. Take an ABM Approach to Lead-Nurturing

Finally, not enough good things can be said about the power of account-based marketing (ABM) for B2B companies. Even if you could never completely convert your business to an ABM approach, you’ll see remarkable benefits by scoring your leads and then marketing directly to those that represent the most value.

That’s exactly what you’ll do with this last step. Identify those valuable leads, find them on LinkedIn, and then do your research on them, so you understand what to say when you cold email or direct message them.

While the aforementioned social-media ads are helping you develop your other prospects, this kind of customized approach will increase your chances with the kinds of leads who could change your company’s entire outlook.

Use These B2B Lead Generation Tactics to Gain More Conversions – Immediately

If you begin implementing the three B2B lead generation tactics we described above, it’s only a matter of time – a very short matter of time – before you’ll see the ROI you want. Again, this is true whether you currently aren’t seeing much of one at all or you’re just looking for a way to improve on already-impressive returns.

That said, we can help you skyrocket your conversions right away. You don’t even have to change your landing pages. Plug in our platform and we guarantee you’ll see a 51% increase to your ABM and lead-gen conversions. In fact, we guarantee it.

Contact us today and we’ll show you how we’re able to do it.

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