Use Cases

Customer Success Lounges

This use case was created by Customer Success Managers (CSM). This solution helps CSM’s  offer unique and personalized microsite page experiences for their accounts.  Leveraging  ABM technologies to help the company be more efficient while opening up communications with both users and executives at the company.

Use case

Business Challenges

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Ongoing Communication

We want to keep customer engaged and provide status updates and a tailored account experience:  

  • Securely Communicate Results
  • Publish QBR Data & Private Videos
  • Content Hub for New/Existing Users

Executive Awareness

We want to a create personalized customer page for executive highlights:

  • Our Joint Successes & ROI
  • Special Account Offers
  • Curated Content & Product Trials
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Scalable Solution

We need a scalable way for CSM’s to create customer pages from templates without operations or developers.

  • Personalize Page & Vanity URL 
  • Allow Only Authenticated Access
  • Create Templates & Clone Pages

Recommended Solution

This combination of Hushly products and platform functionality is the best way to get results from account-based marketing strategies as well as other target account marketing strategies.

Solution Products & Platform Functionality

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Landing Page Builder

  • Personalized Account Pages
  • Highly Scalable & Dynamic
  • No Coding
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A/B Website

  • Site wide Acct. Personalization
  • Increased Acct. Engagement
  • Increased Acct. Conversions
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  • Send Contacts Custom Page
  • View Account Activity in CRM
  • Get Alerts in CRM & Browser
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Secure Pages

Only authenticated account visitors gain access

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AI First-Party Intent

Generate and publish 1st-party data

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AI Personalization

Dynamically personalize content, images, layouts, text

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Gen AI Image Creation

Generate and upscale images for banners, tiles, thumbnails.

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