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Content Bingeing - Accelerate nurture and education

Content Bingeing

Self-Nurturing Landing Pages

Netflix binge-watching has taught us that users consume consecutive episodes they like. However, most B2B landing pages are dead-ends offering just one piece of content. The next-best asset is often gated or delivered to the user via a nurture email a week later. Today buyers like to self-educate themselves at their own pace.

Hushly solves the traditional dead-end landing page problem by allowing visitors to binge on content and self-nurture. Hushly aggregates related content and creates personalized content experiences to help customers deliver the most relevant content to the right person at the right time. We like to call this personalization at enterprise scale.

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Adaptive Content Hubs at Scale

One size does not fit all. Today B2B buyers are offered the same content across various pages and static resource centers. Visitors are required to hunt for assets relevant to their needs (vertical, industry, job role, country, company size, etc).

Hushly solves this problem for B2B buyers with a content hub that serves personalized content streams that offer relavant content to your visitors by using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI),  intent data (Bombora, 6 Sense, …) and a B2B buyers business profile to make personalized content offers and better account specific content engagement for your in-market buyers. 

You can create multiple content hubs for various campaigns and any also create any number of content streams at no additional charge.   B2B buyers are also served content recommendations to help them make an informed decision faster while helping them self nurture through a content bingeing approach.

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