Artificial intelligence is taking over every industry.

When people think of AI, they tend to imagine robotic devices completing human tasks like bagging groceries or grilling burgers. The reality is, however, the use of artificial intelligence in business goes much deeper than that.

At least 18% of B2Bs already use AI in their marketing strategies and that figure rises every day. Plus, AI is effective. 84% of businesses using AI expect to see a return on their investment within a year.

Despite its growing prevalence in the business world, some marketers are still reluctant to adopt AI technology into their strategies. Here are a few tools and ideas to get you started.

the use of artificial intelligence in business

6 Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial intelligence makes marketing work easier – A LOT easier.

Long gone are the days of sifting through massive data sets, piecing together segments, creating personalized content, and struggling to deliver it at the perfect time.

AI removes marketing’s most tedious work so you have more time to work on creating incredible content, connecting with leads, and building your social strategies.

1. Creating a Personalized Experience for Everyone

B2B buyers demand personalization. 85% of buyers will write off a vendor that doesn’t personalize the very first touchpoint. That’s a lot of pressure but the use of artificial intelligence in business marketing can create a personalized experience for everyone based on behavioral data.

2. Scoring Leads

Just think of how much time your team spends scoring leads each week. Artificial intelligence can sort through massive datasets faster and better than any human can. Not only does it make lead scoring easier, it delivers better results too.

3. Keeping Websites Secure

Cybersecurity is a major concern for B2Bs. According to the FBI, 50% of cybercrime targets B2B payment systems. Artificial intelligence can protect your processing systems and protect your databases from hacks.

4. Helping Leads Self-Nurture

Buyers complete up to 90% of the buying process alone without ever reaching out to anyone at your sales team. It’s important for all businesses to build websites that allow leads to conduct effective research with minimal time and effort.

AI and machine learning cater to your leads’ demand for instant gratification so they can research at their own pace without forms getting in the way.

5. Preventing Customer Churn

80% of B2B buyers will switch suppliers within the first two years citing poor customer experiences. You can identify potential churn and stop it in its tracks with powerful AI. Plus, using AI-driven website experiences can help customers feel appreciated and valued.

6. Verifying Lead Information

Did you know most B2B marketers are basing their strategies on data up to 40% incorrect? Not good.

It’s no surprise that an estimated 80% of businesses will abandon their data-driven personalization strategies by 2025.

Artificial intelligence removes the problem of bad data at its source by verifying lead data upon entry through publicly available information sources.

How Do Companies Use Artificial Intelligence?

Now that we’ve gone over some of the benefits, let’s look at how AI is changing business marketing for the better. Here are a few practical applications.

1. Human Lead Verification

Another piece of lead data expires every day. Every year

  • 34% of your leads change job functions or titles
  • 37% change their email address
  • 30% change jobs
  • 34% of companies change names

With an AI engine on your site, you don’t have to rely on collecting static lead information. Instead, AI cross-references every lead’s business email with publicly available information on sources like LinkedIn so it’s always accurate.

This is good for your leads too because it means they don’t have to spend time filling out forms when you’re only collecting an email address.

2. Personalized Exit-Intent Popups

Let’s be honest. No one wants to fill out a form as they’re trying to leave your website.

AI can help you prevent bounces and exits with personalized content recommendations.

Instead of confronting your visitors with an intrusive form asking for data while they try to tab away, they’ll receive a popup filled with relevant and useful content.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots have come a long way in the past few years. You don’t have to feel weird about adding chatbots to your site either because visitors have come to expect them.

People spend so much time online each day and they still crave conversation. AI-driven chatbots use machine learning to simulate real conversations and fill the gap where workers can’t.

4. Adaptive Content Hubs

Adaptive content hubs remove the old blog interface in favor of a technology-driven upgrade. Instead of forcing your visitors to scroll through categories and backward through old posts, AI offers personalized recommendations for everyone.

Using the same collaborative filtering and other algorithms like Amazon, machine learning studies your visitors and improves the longer you use it!


5. Self-Nurturing Landing Pages

Remember your leads complete up to 90% of the sales process alone without ever communicating with someone at your company. Self-nurturing landing pages are vital for giving them the tools they need.

A self-nurturing landing page uses content bingeing features and AI-driven algorithms – just like Netflix – to keep users hooked.

6. Effective Account-Based Marketing Strategies

Account-based marketing has picked up plenty of steam over the past few years and we have technology to thank for that.

AI makes it easier than ever to create relevant content for specific accounts and target them at the perfect time. You no longer need a massive marketing budget to pull off an effective ABM strategy because you have the power of efficient AI.

Embrace the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Business Marketing and Watch Leads Skyrocket

Hushly AI creates a personalized experience for everyone who visits your website – whether known or anonymous. You can spend less time organizing content on your website and nurturing leads because AI takes control of everything. Plus, it’s much more effective than humans!

the use of artificial intelligence in business
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