Yes, there are still a few months left in 2019, but it’s always a good idea to stay ahead of the game, right?

The truth is, the B2B marketing landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Your B2B leads and clients expect high-level personalization in email, social media, and on your website.

You’ve already segmented your email list, and you’re using data to create personalized content across multiple channels – what else is left to do?

Well, quite a bit! Even if you can’t implement all of them right away, keep these lead generation ideas on your mind as you tweak and build your marketing strategy.

4 Fresh Lead Generation Ideas to Prepare for 2020

Your B2B prospects and clients are exposed to personalized and automated content everywhere they go online. From Facebook to Amazon, everything is personalized just for them.

Even if your competitors aren’t employing high-level personalization tactics, you still should.

Data shows that 75% of all businesses expect brands to anticipate their needs and offer relevant suggestions going into 2020. Once you incorporate personalization into the lead generation ideas below, the sky is the limit.

1. Virtual Reality

Go ahead and laugh. Airbus, Siemens, and GE definitely aren’t laughing – they’ve all incorporated some kind of virtual reality into their marketing strategies.

Amazon has already started including virtual reality in its B2C product pages. You hold your phone’s camera at an empty space, and Amazon’s app will position that organizer you’re browsing directly onto your desk.

The trick here is for B2B marketers not to decide whether or not they’ll use virtual reality (because at some point, it will be the new normal) but how. Without cutting-edge design, user consideration, and comprehensive testing, virtual reality can go tacky or wrong in the blink of an eye – and that’s not how you want leads to remember you.

2. Content Bingeing

Your B2B leads aren’t businesses personified. They’re real humans who go home and binge episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix.

No, they probably won’t spend four hours bingeing your content – but they might. Wouldn’t it be nice to give them at least the option?

With content bingeing, you can do exactly that. People don’t have short attention spans. They spend plenty of time consuming interesting content when it’s in front of them. Media outlets like Vice understand content bingeing and have introduced indefinite scroll features on their landing pages.

Content bingeing allows your leads to educate themselves and self-nurture at their own pace. Yes, following up with email campaigns is essential, but with the right technology, your website can do a lot of the work for you.

3. Dabble in B2C Exposure

If your leads and clients sell to consumers, it’s in your best interest to educate yourself on their market.

One recent study shows that by fully engaging with end-market consumers, B2Bs can improve innovation and develop partnerships as opposed to vendor relationships with their B2B clients who sell to consumers.

The trick here is to do so in a way that doesn’t encroach on your B2B’s space in the market and create competition. How B2Bs approach this strategy would look different between every business.

Take this plant-based food startup, for example. Perfect Day recently launched a line of dairy-free ice cream, but after it runs out, they’re not selling anymore. Instead, they’re using this ice cream to market their dairy-free formula to businesses.

4. Video (Including Personalized Video)

Think B2Bs don’t watch videos? Think again. 49% of buyers watch videos as part of their buying process, and most of them watch a single video for at least 5 minutes.

In other words, marketers should start creating longer videos and more of them.

However, creating videos isn’t enough (it’s 2020, after all). You also need to create personalized videos.

Now, maybe you don’t have the budget or technology to include personal names or get that specific yet. You can, however, create videos for buyers of different job roles.

Since several people of varying roles are involved in the buying process, it only makes sense to create personalized content for each group.

Start Generating More High-Quality Leads Today

Lead generation ideas can help boost numbers, but you also want to focus on quality. Take steps like human verification to ensure that all of the emails you collect are for real people.

Avoid including gated content or including too many forms on your website if you want to capture high-quality leads and avoid abandonment at the same time.

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