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Human Verification – Hushly Provides You with Enriched Lead Profiles

data enrichment

Hushly utilizes human verification and provides you with an enriched business profile to help you avoid what’s known as the hidden sales cycle.

This cycle starts simply enough. The visitor comes across an opt-in form. They have three options: fill it out, leave, or lie. That’s right – people provide false information more often than not. When that happens, all the work you’ve put into analytics, lead routing and scoring, and workflow goes down the drain. You can avoid this trap with Hushly’s unique software, providing human verification for every single lead.

Avoid Having Your Efforts Go down the Drain with Hushly’s Human Verification System

Did you know that there are tens of thousands of free email domains that could obtain your free content?

Hushly blocks 100% them.  We perform real-time verification on the domains to weed out personal emails and free email accounts. Along with that, we block all role-based emails with valid domains and more. Instead of providing a form for site visitors to complete, Hushly asks for their business email and country information. Then, our software performs a test to guarantee zero impersonation. To avoid compliance issues, anyone from Canada or a GDPR country will need to complete a double opt-in to gain access to your content.  For further protection, all opt-in data (including a date and time stamp) is recorded and published to your marketing automation platform.

Hushly also performs a human-verification check of the business profile against the person’s LinkedIn profile to validate the data before we add it into your marketing automation platform.

Our Human Verification System – a Proven Way to save Time and Money

Lead enrichment is our goal. With human verification, you can be confident knowing that the content you create will go to real leads who want it.

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