Looking for new account-based marketing tactics to level-up your strategy?

Maybe you’re new to ABM entirely and you’re interested in how it works before hiring an account-based marketing agency?

Either way, you’re in the right place!

Research from MarketingProfs shows that companies with an ABM strategy in place generate 208% more revenue than those without. Deciding on the right tactics is key to reaching your audience.

Below you’ll find some actionable tips and ideas for putting your strategy into action.

What Is Account-based Marketing?

Before we explain some tactics, let’s answer the question of what is account-based marketing?

Traditional marketing involves generating leads, nurturing leads with engaging content, and identifying target companies.

Account-based marketing turns the entire cycle around 180-degrees.

With ABM, you start by identifying target companies and high-value accounts, creating engaging content to nurture them, and hopefully converting accounts into buyers.

As you can see, the risk is much higher with ABM but so is the possible payout.

You’re putting a lot of resources, money, and energy into creating content for specific accounts so if things go sour, that can crush months of work. However, if your tactics are on point, you can generate much more revenue and build high-value relationships with your customers.

7 Account-based Marketing Tactics You Need to Convert Leads

Work some of these account-based marketing tactics into your strategy to find and win over leads.

1. Pepper Company Names into Your Content Marketing

Once you nail down companies you’d like to target, you can use that information for your content creation in several ways.

Why not pepper their name into your blog posts, podcasts, and videos to highlight examples and emphasize solutions?

Depending on the context, you could also tag them on LinkedIn and Twitter when the content publishes.

Including company names comes with a sneaky and effective bonus too: if the branch has mention alerts turned on through brand monitoring programs like Buzzsumo, it’s a guarantee that they’ll read your content.

2. Create Adaptive Content Hubs

If you’re looking to hire an account-based marketing agency to handle your strategy, they should first start with personalizing your website.

Your leads finish up 90% of the buying process before they ever talk to your sales team so your website needs to function as your primary sales and marketing departments for most of the funnel.

An adaptive content hub presents all your best pieces of content in one well-organized place. As visitors browse pieces of content, an algorithm tracks their preferences and behavior to offer relevant pieces of content.


3. Use Twitter and LinkedIn to Build Social Media Lists

Tweets themselves may not have the farthest reach but you can use Twitter for plenty of other intelligence gathering and account-based marketing tactics.

Start by creating a private list of target companies and active accounts. From there, you can engage them with retweets and replies when they share relevant content.

Next, create public Twitter lists based on industry topics and add each target account to a specific list. They’ll get a notification and you may be able to grab their attention.

4. Embrace Social Selling

Social selling is really your secret weapon as far as account based marketing tactics go.

90% of top sales performers use social selling tactics. Meanwhile, the most lucrative industries generate more than half of their revenue from social selling.


Developing a social selling strategy is about much more than just posting on social media and hoping it reaches the right sets of eyes. It includes several spokes on the social wheel such as:

  • Building a consistent brand presence
  • Creating relationships with leads and current customers
  • Turning your employees into influencers
  • Contributing to interesting industry conversations

5. Develop a Personalized Video Strategy

Video is definitely not just a consumer sector phenomenon. 49% of B2Bs consume video during the buying process. Unlike consumers, B2Bs watch videos for longer periods of time too: 5 minutes or more.

Personalized video content works on so many levels for replacing the tried old text with engaging live-action or animation.

  • Introduce your team
  • Create personalized tutorials
  • Send a welcome message
  • Thank your leads
  • Check-in with prospects
  • Explain complicated concepts
  • Summarize your eBooks, whitepapers, or case studies

Video works best when you stick with one topic for each video and get to the point quickly without digressing. Ask your account-based marketing agency to create videos you can easily adapt to different companies or specific accounts.

6. Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s Account-based Marketing Tactics

As the social media platform for businesses, why wouldn’t LinkedIn offer great account-based marketing tactics?

For paid promotions and sponsored posts, LinkedIn allows you to set your audience for specific companies or accounts at those companies – just like how Facebook lets you target audiences for specific pages.

To take things even deeper, you could also use LinkedIn’s retargeting to reach people at a company that viewed a specific blog post on your website.

7. Create Highly Personalized Email Campaigns

Email is another excellent tool for creating personalized account based marketing campaigns.

Start by creating an automated sequence for all leads who work for a specific company. When each person signs up, they’ll receive a personalized welcome email, case studies, explainers, onboarding, etc.

Depending on your unique strategy, you could also go even further and create unique sequences for different job roles at each company.

Create a Personalized Account-based Marketing Strategy That Converts

An effective account-based marketing strategy starts by personalizing your website. Hushly can help you harness the power of data to create personalized experiences for every visitor – whether known or anonymous.

Going formless, adaptive content hubs, and personalized exit intent popups allow your leads to self-nurture and research at their own pace. Not only can you collect more behavioral data on your leads, but they’ll be further along in the buying process by the time they give you their email address.

Want to learn more about developing your own account-based marketing tactics? Check out this eBook for an easy-to-digest introduction.

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