Every B2B company must have a website, but that doesn’t mean every B2B company is happy with theirs.

Even among those that attract a significant amount of traffic, their B2B website may fail to produce the conversions they expected.

At that point, no matter how many leads regularly visit, your website is producing a negative return.

If that sounds familiar, take the time to turn things around.

3 Ways to Improve Your B2B Website

Fortunately, you don’t need to scrap your entire B2B website to start seeing better conversions. Just implement the following three tips ASAP.

1. Mobile “Friendly” Is No Longer Enough

By now, it should go without saying that your B2B website needs to be mobile-friendly.

For one thing, more people use mobile devices to access the web than choose to do so through traditional computers.

For another, Google has been favoring mobile-friendly sites since 2018 to the point where not accommodating such users is almost as bad as not being indexed at all.

Still, it’s not good enough to simply ensure your site shows up on mobile devices. That’s because 52% of B2B buyers will access your site from either a phone or tablet. So, your site should actually be developed with them in mind. Don’t just be friendly to them. Roll out the red carpet. Anything you do to improve their experience will relate well to your computer-users, too.

2. Prioritize Videos for Your Content

Video is also becoming more important for B2B buyers, so you should make sure that it is easy to find this medium throughout your site. It also means your site needs to make it easy for videos to quickly load, play, and have a replay option available too.

For the most part, you can just host YouTube videos from your various pages, which will make this much easier to do.

However, the other reason to leverage video on your site is that it’s the best medium for mobile devices.

This should be self-evident. If you had the option, would you rather read a blog post from your smartphone or just watch a video covering the same topic? Most would choose the latter.

Considering that and the fact that the majority of your leads will visit your site from a mobile device, be sure your videos are easy to access from a smaller screen and convenient to control. Also, confirm that the video will show up well on a smaller screen. Otherwise, your visitors will go elsewhere, increasing your bounce rate – never good for a website’s prospects.

3. Consider Two CTAs

Since the dawn of UX, every marketer has known that each page on a B2B website can only have one call-to-action. Conventional wisdom has always been very clear that you never want to risk confusing your prospect by giving them more than a single option. To suggest otherwise has always been marketing blasphemy.

Nonetheless, when Bizible looked at 150 B2B sites, they made some very interesting discoveries. Perhaps the most intriguing was that there were a few dozen B2B sites that broke from tradition and offered two CTAs on certain pages.

Stranger still were the results from these sites:

  • 57% saw an increase in conversions for both CTA buttons
  • 20% saw no change whatsoever
  • 23% saw a decrease in conversions

The winning strategy seems to be a side-by-side placement of the CTA buttons, so that the visitor can see both at the same time.

This is because it forces a comparison between the two. That also explains why the strategy works better when one option is for a more decisive lead (“Sign Up Now”) and the other was for those closer to the top-of-the-funnel (“Learn More”).

Instead of forcing the visitor to go “all in” it gave them another option to consider that involved less commitment.

As the results show, there’s some risk of losing conversion, but it’s still worth testing to see if you can’t increase yours with such a simple change to your B2B website.

Want More Conversions from Your B2B Website?

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