When it comes to B2B web marketing, most companies just want more traffic.

Others have had traffic for a while now. Their focus is on only attracting qualified traffic.

Still, others may be using marketing tactics like retargeting to keep their leads’ buying cycles short to win quicker conversions.

Every B2B company is different, so there’s no one “right” goal for web marketing.

However, if you want more qualified traffic and quicker conversions, it’s hard to think of a better target for your efforts than establishing authority.

What Is “Authority”?

When we say “authority” in the context of B2B web marketing, we’re actually referring to two very similar concepts.

The first is “domain authority”, which is used to describe how well a website is likely to perform in search engines. If Google associates a high degree of domain authority with your site, you’ll find it much easier to rank and, therefore, will generate greater traffic. You can see why this is such an advantage.

The other form of authority that we’re referring to is simply how much your market trusts you as a knowledgeable voice in the industry. When they see your company’s logo or hear its name, do they think “this is a business who understands the solutions our company needs”? If so, you have the kind of authority that makes conversions easy. Who wouldn’t want to buy from a business that gives off that kind of impression?

3 B2B Web Marketing Strategies for Building Greater Authority

So, while you may have a number of unique goals for your B2B company, don’t ignore the importance of authority. Once you’ve earned it, every other goal will become much easier. Here are three B2B web marketing strategies to help you build it.

1. Guest Post on Industry Blogs

The easiest way to start building your authority is with guest posts on industry sites. When people in your market come to these sites and see your post, they’ll associate some amount of the site’s authority with you. Clearly, you must know what you’re talking about or you wouldn’t be on that site. The more you show up, the more that authority will continue to rub off.

This is also how you gain domain authority because of the backlinks you’ll get from guest posts. So, you’ll enjoy the combination of more traffic and influence.

2. Interview Other Authorities in Your Field

As commonplace as guest-posting has become in B2B web marketing strategies, very few companies seek out people to post on their sites.

Begin actively seeking out people in your industry who aren’t competitors but are considered experts. You want them posting on your site because, again, it’s an easy way to borrow their authority. Why would a respected figure submit to an interview or provide your site with content unless you were a fellow authority in the field?

3. Dominate on Social Media

No matter what industry you’re in, B2B social media marketing represents a fantastic opportunity to build authority. There have been too many success stories for anyone to still think that social media doesn’t work in their industry.

To build authority on your platform of choice, be sure to share those aforementioned pieces of content with your followers. When it’s a guest post you did, tell your followers on what a great site it is. This will make it seem much more impressive for anyone who isn’t familiar with the industry site. If it’s a guest post someone did on your site, the same idea applies: focus on how well-regarded the guest is in your field.

Then, as much as possible, weigh in on any industry news or trends. This is what authorities do, after all. They help everyone else understand what’s happening around them. Act the part.

Use B2B Web Marketing for Greater Authority and Even More Conversions

If all you do is use the above advice about B2B web marketing to build greater authority for your company, you’ll see greater conversions, too. Even if your conversion rate doesn’t budge, the increased traffic from those backlinks would be enough.

With that said, you can do a lot more to multiply those conversions, even if your traffic doesn’t budge. At Hushly, we specialize in helping B2B companies get more from the content they create. Specifically, we turn their content into lead-generation machines. Doing so has increased landing pages conversions by over 50% and content engagement by more than 300%. Our clients are even able to cut their costs-per-lead by as much as a third.

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