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Capture Leads from Ungated-Content
Today with ungated-content you get zero leads. With Hushly you get lead conversions from your un-gated content.

Hushly software offers visitors interactive versions of your ungated-content as well as recommends related/you-may-also-like content.

The interactive versions allows users’ the ability to view and engage with your un-gated content but to save or share it Hushly delivers your un-gated content to the user’s business email generating a lots of leads instead of zero leads you get today from ungated-content.

Increase Top Of Funnel Leads
Today 90% of users abandon registration forms or submit bad data for free ebooks, whitepapers, analyst reports, webinar recording etc.

Hushly is able to engage with the abandoning-90% at the top of the funnel and get some prospects to opt-in before they leave your landing page by enabling users to first engage with interactive versions of your content without having to submit any form.

With the same inbound traffic, Hushly increases top-of-funnel lead capture by 51+%.

Increase Bottom-of-Funnel Leads
Demo Request, Pricing Request, Freemium sign ups are all considered bottom of funnel leads.

You get in-market buyers to these landing pages and that’s a great start. Unfortunately 90% are not ready and abandon these bottom-of-funnel landing pages.

With Hushly you get to know who got to your bottom of funnel landing pages and walked away. Better still you get their opt-in consent for your BDR’s to contact them. Priceless!.

Increase Mobile Conversions
40% of LinkedIn traffic is mobile, 60% over the weekend. Getting a user to submit four to six form fields on a phone is as difficult to nailing Jello to a Tree.

Hushly identifies mobile traffic and in real-time gets rid of the form and instead allows users’ to view interactive versions of gated and related content; without having to submit information on a form.

Hushly then delivers full access to gated and related content to user’s business email. B2B Marketers use Hushly to increase mobile conversions by 53%.

Increase Conversions without Forms
Most users have form-rage, when requested to submit information on a form to get marketing content (ebooks, white papers, analyst reports, webinar recoding, etc).

Hushly in real-time introspects the landing page, finds the form section and replaces it with a “View NOW” call to action which allows users’ to view interactive versions of gated and related content; without having to submit information on a form.

Hushly then delivers full access to the content and related content to the user’s business email. B2B Marketers use Hushly to form conversions by 51+%

Increase Conversions with Personalization
A buyer from a non-profit company needs to be offered non-profit relevant content just as much as a small business needs to be able to have small business content offered to them.

Hushly enables you to offer personalized content experiences at scale based on buyers’

  • Intent Signals (Buying Stage, Intent Score, Topic Cluster, …)
  • Account Attributes (Industry, Company Size, Revenue, ...)
  • Traffic Source (Geo, Referral Source, URL Parameters, ...)
  • Device type (Desktop, Tablet, Phone, …)
Hushly personalized experiences increase content engagement which in-turn generates more and higher quality leads.
Boost Funnel Velocity with Content Bingeing
With traditional lead nurture campaigns, prospects receives additional content once every few weeks.

Hushly embedded experiences, landing pages and content hubs allow prospects to self-nurture by enabling prospects to consume/binge on content at their own pace. Hushly personalization further enables prospects to self-nurture through the funnel faster by ensuring the content is relevant/personalized for them.

Leverage Hushly activity reports to understand your prospects and what content they care about.

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