With so many B2B marketing ideas out there, it’s tough to know where to begin.

However, if you’re like most B2B marketers, you know it’s definitely time to make some changes. In recent years, competition has heated up among some B2B companies, but many have been left behind because they rely on outdated ideas that no longer produce a reliable ROI.

3 B2B Marketing Ideas to Implement Right Now

If you’d like to shake things up this year and potentially find a brand-new opportunity to completely overhaul the results you’re used to seeing, here are three B2B marketing ideas that are worth trying.

1. Rethink Your Brand Voice

This might not seem like the kind of suggestion that belongs on a list claiming to be the absolute bestB2B marketing ideas, but it’s easily one of the simplest ideas to implement considering its potential for returns.

That’s because it could be your secret weapon for increasing engagement.

The better you’re able to engageyour market, the better allB2B marketing ideas will do. When your brand’s voice sounds bland, uninterested, or just doesn’t exist, you’re standing in your own company’s way when it comes to attracting and converting leads.

Of course, “use an engaging tone” is always good advice. The reason it has the power to overhaul your company’s marketing results is because B2B companies are notoriously boring when it comes to their content.

So, try out a new tone. You can even start with just a single channel first (e.g. social media, email marketing, guest posts on other sites) to be sure you have the right one before spreading it far and wide.

2. Start Becoming the Go-to Industry Authority

There may be no better example of this than HubSpot. Do they make incredible CRM software? Absolutely.

However, a far greater number of people all over the world probably know about HubSpot for their incredible content, which they post multiple times a day.

It means they cast an extremely wide net – most of their readers probably aren’t prospects – but they also absolutely dominatetheir market. The potentially low conversion rate probably doesn’t worry them too much because:

  • They’re still making huge profits
  • They’re keeping their competitors from doing the same

HubSpot still posts plenty of blogs that deal directly with what they have to offer, but the majority of what they publish sets up their company as the most trusted source of information for any business that wants to do well online.

Do the same with your content marketing. Share and comment on industry news. Provide helpful advice that doesn’t involve a pitch for your products or services. Conduct interviews with other authorities. There are countless ways you could go about doing this and it will probably take some experimentation, but once you discover what works best, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come from being a recognized authority.

3. Implement Some Level of Account-Based Marketing

We’ve covered account-based marketing (ABM) on this blog a lot, but it’s for a very good reason: it works. It works extremely well.

For example, 87% of marketers report that ABM exceeds anything they’ve tried before. This is easily one of the most important B2B marketing ideas in the last 10 years.

Still, it’s a big step to leave behind what your company may have been doing for years – even if your results were never outstanding – to switch over to something that you’ve never tried before.

Fortunately, you can also make the switch piecemeal.

For example, brainstorm with your team about an account you’d absolutely love to have. Don’t name the biggest possible prize you can think of – not yet. For this initial run, just consider a current lead you’d like to convert ASAP, a past client you’d like back, or a company you think would be a good fit that you know is in market.

Then, put together a team of some of your best marketers andsalespeople with the goal of converting them earlier than the timeline you generally see for your funnel.

Whether you succeed or fail, you’ll no doubt see the potential for ABM. You’ll also have learned a lot for improving your second attempt. Then, slowly but surely, you can transition over to harness the power of account-based marketing.

How to Take These B2B Marketing Ideas Even Further

Implement just one of the B2B marketing ideas above, and you’ll be rewarded with more qualified leads who are excited to become clients.

Then, let our software assist with that conversion. Contact us today to see for yourself how we increase conversions for our clients by 51% – guaranteed.

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