Taking on the challenge of implementing an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy is more than worth the effort when you see the alignment across sales and marketing as well as when you see the revenue impact. But that doesn’t take away from how much effort it takes to get it up and running operationalizing it but also optimizing it.  One of the most important aspects of scaling ABM efforts is how to effectively use your tech stack. In the spirit of driving efficient growth, we wanted to show you what true ABM at scale can look like! 

Combine ABM pages with intent data for efficient growth  

Scaling relevant content for tens or even thousands of accounts requires fewer resources and less tech than you might think. With the help of an ABM platform and a buyer experience and conversion platform you can be much more efficient and extremely effective in your ability to execute on ABM campaigns. 

ABM marketers know the value of high-quality content wrapped in personalized experience. The benefits of integrating your ABM platform with a buyer engagement and conversion platform like Hushly allows you to:

  • Create ABM pages that dynamically swap out copy, content, and creative
  • Accelerate the buyer journey 
  • Serve the right content at the right time with AI-powered content recommendations
  • Help the sales team engage their target accounts and arm them with the engagement insights they need to tailor their conversations

Hushly integrates with five of the leading ABM and intent data providers 6Sense, Demandbase, Bombora, RollWorks and Zoominfo to help you offer website personalization, personalized content offers, and rich, dynamic account-based experiences.

source: Hushly

Now let us show you what this looks like in action! Here is an example of a destination page we built for our Hushly & 6sense partnership.

Below you can see how we can further operationalize those intent data signals and dynamically change elements on one of our abm pages or on any one of your website pages.

How to dynamically personalize ABM pages

source: Hushly ABM Experiences

You can easily see how powerful it is when you leverage these technologies together. It is an amazing way to dynamically personalize ABM destinations and the overall account experience. This experience can also expand to your website. 

By embedding content across your website you can dynamically personalize the content being recommended to match what the account is seeing on their ABM page. 

Hushly Personalized Embed Stream

Along with content embeds another great way to leverage your intent data for a better experience is to use it for website personalization. Creating a great web experience is critical even for your non-target accounts. You can provide a personalized website experience for every visitor that comes to your website and further personalize the content through content personalization. So now you can offer bespoke account landing pages and microsite to your target accounts, dynamic destinations for your in-market accounts, and personalized web experiences and content journey’s for visitors not in-market but starting on their education about your brand and the solutions you offer that will help them solve their business problems.

It’s possible to drive more demand with less resources 

Driving revenue through marketing programs is what gets our team more budget and resources. Leveraging tools like Hushly alongside your ABM platform is what will allow for you to truly personalize the experience for your accounts at scale and generate more revenue. After seeing the results, it will make it easier for you to prove to leadership that investing in ABM is the best way to drive efficient growth. 
Are you currently using one of the top ABM platforms we listed above? If so, we would love to show you how you can integrate them with Hushly to dynamically personalize your ABM destinations. To schedule some time with us, head on over here.

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