Your Ultimate Guide to a Winning AI User Experience

Tools are only as good as those who use them. For example, an oven might have over a dozen settings to help a baker create the perfect cake. But it requires the baker first to understand how to use those settings. AI functions the same way. Often, AI receives a bad reputation simply because users […]

How to Humanize AI: A Guide to Combining the Best of Both Worlds

How to Humanize AI A Guide to Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to scan and organize thousands of files. It can identify patterns and detect errors from piles of information. Yet, despite its unparalleled strengths, it still lacks human skills like understanding people’s emotions. There’s no better human than humans, and AI can’t replace that unique spark you have. However, it […]

9 Best AI Tools for SEO to Get Your Content Straight to Your Customers

9 Best AI Tools for SEO to Get Your Content Straight to Your Customers

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves several moving parts that work together to ensure your online content ranks near the top of online searches. With all the work that goes into producing quality content, marketers can feel overwhelmed with optimizing regular content for search engines. Artificial intelligence (AI) relieves the workload and helps content marketers produce […]

10 Use Cases Proving AI is the Secret to Success in Account-Based Marketing

You can’t read anything marketing-related these days that doesn’t mention artificial intelligence in some capacity. Sometimes, you might not even realize AI is the topic. AI is just that ingrained in so many marketing activities today. Data analysis, personalization, martech tools, communication, chatbots – almost everything marketers do requires some kind of AI or automation. […]

Why AI is Essential in Fintech Marketing (and How to Use It)

Artificial intelligence is everywhere we look these days. We open Facebook and see AI-driven alerts. We go to Amazon and see AI-driven shopping recommendations. We open Spotify and see AI-recommended playlists. Those major companies set the standard: Consumers and buyers know the technology exists to create hyper-personalized experiences, so now they expect if everywhere they […]

25 Terms for Artificial Intelligence in Business Explained

Artificial intelligence has swept through the marketing and sales departments across all industries. According to Salesforce, 84% of marketers report using AI today. Back in 2018, less than 30% said AI was a part of their marketing strategy. Salesforce Despite its growing popularity, many managers and marketers may not be aware of all the terms […]

Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to B2B Marketing or Sales Jobs?

We’ve only brushed the surface with artificial intelligence. If you think AI is impressive now, just wait ten years. On the other hand, some people tend to think AI is way more powerful and capable than it is at this point. AI in 2020 gives us plenty of incredible tools and features to personalize, connect, […]

5 Ways AI Revolutionizes B2B Lead Generation and Nurturing

Run a Google search and you’ll find endless companies that exist for the sole purpose of lead generation. Some of them sell lists of email addresses and companies. Others claim to have secret formulas worked out to generate leads if you hand over big bucks. The truth is, you only need a few key tools […]

How AI Helps B2B Marketing and 8 Strategies to Use Almost Instantly

Artificial intelligence is everywhere you look online – from Amazon and Etsy to Netflix and Facebook. Your B2Bs know the technology exists to create hyper-personalized experiences because they use it every time they open an app. They expect a similar experience from your B2B website. 69% of customers expect connected experiences across multiple channels. Remember, […]

What Can Artificial Intelligence Do? 7 Smart Ways to Use AI in B2B Marketing

Every time you open your phone, you use some type of AI and machine learning. AI is so pervasive today you may not even realize it’s the driving force behind your favorite apps. Well, your B2B buyers use AI every day too and they expect your website to employ some kind of machine learning features. […]