You can’t read anything marketing-related these days that doesn’t mention artificial intelligence in some capacity.

Sometimes, you might not even realize AI is the topic. AI is just that ingrained in so many marketing activities today.

Data analysis, personalization, martech tools, communication, chatbots – almost everything marketers do requires some kind of AI or automation.

When it comes to AI in account-based marketing, the two are nearly synonymous. ABM only exists today for small- and mid-size businesses due to the accessibility of AI-powered tools.

That’s why high-performing teams say ABM automation and related technologies are a top priority:

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AI is such a normal part of our lives today that it’s hard to pinpoint precise use cases, especially if you’re just getting started with account-based marketing.

Use this summary of use cases as a checklist for building or optimizing your account-based marketing strategy.

10 Vital Use Cases for AI in Account-Based Marketing

Don’t look for places to shoehorn AI in account-based marketing – especially not just because your competition uses AI a certain way. You’ll just wind up with a bloated martech stack and lackluster results.

Instead, analyze your current processes and compare them to how you’ve met your goals over the past year or quarter.

Where could you use more staff or time? Which tactics and processes take the longest? What problems do you struggle with the most? Where is there a disconnect between your target accounts and your team/material?

Talk to your team. Answer the questions above and you’ll know exactly where to use AI in account-based marketing.

Getting a little more specific, using AI in the examples below can help you really reap the full range of benefits of ABM you hear so much about.

1. Identifying an Account’s Stage of the Journey

What’s the secret weapon behind every winning ABM campaign? Intent data.

Intent data exposes the context behind how accounts interact with your site.

AI tools use intent data to understand an account’s stage of the buyer’s journey, what competitors they’re considering, and even their opinion of your brand.

2. Predicting Account Churn and Improving Customer Service

Pairing intent data and AI in account-based marketing also lets you monitor accounts, making sure they use every available feature to solve their pain points – especially as you release new features!

Remember, customer retention is central to ABM. AI tools with intent data can let you know if an existing account downloads a competitor’s lead magnet or spends considerable time on their site.

3. Preventing Fake Leads from Entering Your System

Gartner expects 80% of B2B personalization strategies to fail by 2025 largely from bad data. AI-driven ABM tools eliminate the problem by vetting contacts before they enter your system.

Plus, AI smart forms only ask for a business email and country – no intrusive firmographic questions. AI fills in the details correctly based on public data sources.

4. Cleaning Your Existing Database

Unlike consumer data, all B2B data has an expiration date. Job roles, titles, duties, market share, company size, pain points, even contact details – these all change more often than you think.

You just can’t afford dirty data in ABM. It’ll sink your strategy. Fortunately, AI tools can analyze data on a schedule to remove and update entries.

Predictive analytics are among the most intriguing use cases of AI in account-based marketing.

The points above mostly describe managing accounts on an individual level but imagine the broader patterns you could uncover when you use intent data, behavioral data, and AI.

Look for patterns among accounts or verticals to create better content around new pain points or parts of the journey you’ve neglected.

6. Personalizing Your Content Experience for Each Account

Content is the lifeblood of any successful account-based marketing campaign. However, you can’t expect target accounts to spend time digging through your blog categories to find everything that applies to them.

Instead, AI tools use Netflix-like algorithms – studying intent data and on-site behavior – so everyone gets 100% personalized content recommendations based on their industry, stage, and pain point.

7. Offering Custom Pricing and Details for Each Account

61% of buyers say they like to call sales teams for custom pricing and another 58% reach out to learn about custom configurations.

With AI in account-based marketing, your visitors can each have a unique webpage for their company. Custom pricing, configurations, tutorials, and an assigned sales rep are all laid out just for them:

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8. Synching Data from Multiple Platforms into One Dashboard

Impressively, AI-powered tools link data from your website, social media accounts, email, and CRM. In one place, you can analyze complete behavior for better insights and broader patterns.

9. Streamlining Communication Between Departments

ABM is an advanced type of marketing that demands ongoing cooperation between marketing, sales, and customer service.

Unifying data and contacts in one dashboard gives every department instant access to insights. It encourages cooperation based on goals and customer wellbeing.

That’s likely why 63% of marketers say they share the same CRM with sales and customer service.


10. Managing Your Digital Assets

AI brings unprecedented control to your content assets. You can automatically tag, filter, and retrieve assets as you need them for specific accounts and job roles. No more clunky content storage.

Your All-in-One Platform for AI in Account-Based Marketing

Most B2Bs are running bloated martech stacks. They spend a fortune on technology each month but they don’t use each tool’s full range of features. They might even end up paying for several tools with overlapping features!

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