If you’re like most B2B marketers, you’re still getting the hang of account-based marketing.

Although 92% of marketers say they have an ABM campaign in place, about two-thirds adopted their ABM only within the past five years.

In other words, if your campaign isn’t delivering the results you expect, hold tight and optimize – don’t give up.

ABM landing pages are a critical component of every strategy and they require effective personalization. Without proper personalization, your account-based landing pages are just generic industry-specific pages at best.

Instead, focus on the unique needs and expectations of each account to create dynamic landing pages that deliver results. Account-specific dynamic landing pages are easier to create and more accessible than you might think – they’re not just for enterprise companies like Microsoft anymore.

Personalize Your ABM Landing Pages in 7 Steps

Technology makes it easy to create effective landing pages for every account – or hyper-relevant pages for each industry if that’s what you need.

It all starts with research. You can’t personalize each page if you don’t know what your accounts/segments need from you. Use these tips to build your landing page strategy.

1. Segment Your Accounts by Industry or Firmographic

First, you must break your accounts up into clusters to identify patterns and choose relevant content for each landing page.

Industry or firmographic details each offer a great starting point. Next, consider the unique pain points each segment might face.

Take the details you’ve gathered so far and use it to build your account personas. Consider creating a unique persona profile for each job role at certain accounts, if applicable.

This might take quite some time if you manage hundreds or thousands of accounts, but personas are one of the most important aspects of creating a personalized landing page experience.

2. Create Relevant Content for Each Cluster

Once you know who your accounts are on a deeper level, you’ll need to create relevant and valuable content for them.

When an account arrives at your website seeking answers and guidance, what exactly would they need from you at that moment?

Avoid fluffy content just to flex your brand’s chops. 57% of buyers say most of the content they receive is completely useless – a figure that increases every year.

Always keep your buyers in mind. Every piece of content should empower them and ease the burden of the buying process.

3. Nail Down Personalized Offers and Value Props for Each ABM Landing Page

We all love to feel appreciated. Your buyers are no different.

Each account’s landing page should be filled with unique value propositions to demonstrate how your product/service applies to their specific reality.

Likewise, each account’s unique landing page should have its own relevant promotions and offers.

69% of buyers say personalized offers help them drive more value from your product/service and over half are even willing to pay more for specially tailored pricing.

Make sure visitors know that your offers are personalized just for them on each ABM landing page. Show them how you arrived at each offer, why, and what they each include.

4. Assign a Specific Sales Associate or Representative

Adding a human element to online business is tough.

On one hand, buyers want to research alone without bombardment from sales teams. On the other hand, however, they’d still like to know a human from your company is available for questions and custom requests.

It’s smart to assign a specific associate to each account. Create a little profile blurb for your sales rep along with a photo of them.

Each of your ABM campaign landing pages will include the account’s assigned sales rep so they know who to contact via live chat, email, or phone.

5. Develop the Personalized ABM Landing Page Layout

Each account’s landing page should follow the same basic layout but with customized content.

Make sure each landing page follows a nice flow and guides the visitor towards action. Get in their head and consider what they’d need from each page – like a mini resource center.

Start with a custom logo and banner for their company. Run a Google search for their brand guidelines to ensure you’re using their logo properly.

Next, include some relevant pieces of content. An AI engine can grab your best content for each visitor’s industry, pain points, or even specific account. Product comparisons and case studies are some of the best materials here.

Finally, include your personalized offers.

6. Use a Special ABM Landing Page Tool for Dynamic Personalization

Technology makes it easy to create dynamic personalized ABM landing pages. Hushly’s ABM campaign tool starts as a template you can customize with branding, content, offers, and more.

The AI technology seamlessly identifies which account each visitor belongs to and offers the personalized version of their landing page.

Instead of reverse IP, which isn’t always accurate, the Hushly technology uses contact details and other parameters. This ensures that you’re offering the most accurate landing page. There would be nothing worse than showing someone from Amazon the landing page for Walmart.

7. Pick an Appropriate Call to Action

It’s smart to offer your accounts multiple CTAs. Not everyone is ready to buy every time they land on your website.

Instead, let them take action in several ways. Offer lead magnet downloads, unique resources, calculators and tools, app downloads, upsells/cross-sells, etc. Brainstorm ideas that could help your accounts throughout the buying process and post-conversion.

Offering your visitors several CTAs shows that you’re not just out to land a sale – you genuinely care about their needs and experience.

Use a Personalization Tool Specifically Designed for ABM Campaigns and Landing Pages

At Hushly, we make it easy for you to create hyper-personalized dynamic landing pages for each of your key accounts.

Our ABM landing page tool offers comprehensive templates you can customize with each account’s logo, branding, relevant content, and unique offers. You’re totally in control.

Once someone arrives at your landing page, our sophisticated technology identifies their account and provides the most relevant landing page possible.

Start creating your own dynamic personalized ABM landing pages now!

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