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ABM Campaign Pages

Get More Account Focused...
Hushly ABM Campaign Pages

The most important part of your ABM campaign is the destination page. Don't send account specific emails and pay for account targeted ads without delivering an account focused landing page experience.

With Hushly’s template driven ABM Campaign Pages you can quickly scale up and scale out your ABM strategies.   Hushly’s ABM Pages allow field and abm marketers to create account focused microsites with personalized content journey’s at scale for all their in-market accounts.  
Hushly’s page authoring tool makes its easy to create page layouts and customize the entire look and feel that fits into your brand guidelines with colors, fonts, graphics that help you target a single account or groups of accounts.
The Hushly platform has two methods for executing on ABM campaigns.  The first is a standard account based model where a list of accounts are loaded and either targeted with a 1:1 approach or grouped into clusters to target small or large groups of accounts based on whatever methodology you want to target them by (industry, size of company, a sales reps territory, etc.).   The second method is what’s known as data driven which means you can target visitors to your website who fit a specific criteria such as a buying stage using 3rd party ABM vendors intent data.  In this model visitors that are within a particular buying stage such as consideration or purchase stage would be automatically dropped into a personalized ABM campaign page and Hushly would use the 3rd party vendor to create account targets and report on what those visitors in those accounts are doing from a content engagement and conversion perspective.  
Hushly’s rich account analytics provide abm marketers with account level analytics as well as account cluster data.  All data can continue to be drilled down into a deeper level of understanding on various activities so account executives can get data on what actions are happening with accounts they manage as well as how they came in and which assets are being read and/or downloaded.

That old form landing page and static microsite passed their expiration date and have never been satisfactory for an ABM strategy.  In fact, it may be doing more harm than good by causing your in-market accounts to abandon your site due to a clunky landing page you hacked together.

Luckily Hushly’s account based marketing tools are great at improving your ABM campaign performance through increased account engagement and conversions by delivering an account focused destination page with custom graphics, personalized content, and more…

Do you already have an account engagement platform or marketing automation platform that you use to manage and execute campaigns? Hushly integrates and partners with marketing automation vendors and ABM platforms so you can get the Hushly experience no matter how you manage your ABM campaigns.

Improve Account Based Marketing B2B, for 1:1, 1:few and 1:many (programmatic)

Hushly solves some of the most common ABM issues with our account engagement platform.

Do you have the age-old problem of buying ABM Ad traffic only to see no engagement or worse high abandonment?    Fix that by creating account focused destinations that offer page personalization at scale for target accounts.  Also, personalize the content for each account based on their buying stage, intent score, role, and more.

Do you have a problem with manpower and getting IT or Ops to create account landing pages?  Hushly’s template driven approach to page creation puts account based marketers and field marketers in the driver seat to create pages for their sales reps at scale.

Rich Dynamic  Microsite Experience

Account Level Customizations

Offer visitors a better experience that relevant for them. Build a single microsite / account page and scale to infinite in-market accounts.

  • Dynamically add target account logo
  • Dynamically add account rep vcard
  • Dynamically add account specific banners
  • Dynamically add account specific videos from rep
  • Dynamically add personalized text on any element
  • Dynamically add account specific content streams
  • Dynamically adjust content streams with intent, firmographic, etc.
  • Automatically gate or ungate any content as you see fit
  • Localize every aspect of the microsite into any language
  • Easily clone pages for scale
  • Access deep account level reporting and analytics

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Hushly’s Account Engagement Platform

You’ve already spent a lot of time and money on your website.   Let us help you scale your ABM programs with account focused landing pages. Hushly’s account engagement platform allows you to increase account engagement, increase account conversions, and ensure lead quality, with a single form field.  Hushly can reduce site abandonment and increase your marketing ROI.