Account-based marketing requires juggling several balls simultaneously to keep all your accounts moving at personalized paces through the sales journey. It’s often not something a single marketing team can handle independently, especially in addition to their regular marketing efforts.

That’s when you turn to an account-based marketing agency for help. However, is an account-based marketing agency your only solution?

Hushly offers a solution you can use alongside your B2B account-based marketing agency, or you can use it to power the team you already have to accomplish more with your current resources.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Hire Help with Account-Based Marketing?

Is the time right to hire help with your account-based marketing? Use these signs to measure your readiness.

Your Team Feels Overwhelmed

Regularly connect with your marketing team and ask how they’re handling their current workload. Account-based marketing requires a significant time investment. If your team is already strapped for time, they won’t be able to invest the time necessary to be successful.

Finding help will take on some of that additional load without your team experiencing burnout.

Your Business Expects Growth

If you’re preparing for fast growth, such as from a merger, purchase, or new product launch, it may be time to hire outside help. Hiring help allows you to grow without your current team’s ability to restrict the speed of growth due to slow hiring and onboarding processes. Instead, you can handle more with the team you have.

Account-based marketing agencies and tools are scalable. You can increase or decrease your workload quickly as your company changes.

You Have the Available Resources

Do you have the budget to expand your team through account-based marketing agencies and tools? By investing in account-based marketing agencies and tools, you save yourself the hiring costs and salaries that would come from hiring in-house help. You can also pick and choose the services you need so you aren’t overpaying and receive precisely what you require to succeed in account-based marketing.

7 Ways to Solve Your Account-Based Marketing Needs

You’re ready to hire help with account-based marketing. Here’s how account-based marketing tools can help your business and bridge the gap between you and your account-based marketing agency to help you accomplish more with what you have.

1. Receive Automated Account Monitoring

Monitoring where your accounts are in the sales process helps you respond with timely content and offers. For example, when an account signs up for the demo, it’s time to swoop in with an enticing deal for that same software.

Automating these processes through account-based marketing software like Hushly’s Sales Assist ensures you have that timely response without adding to your current marketing team’s workload.

You can set up personalized email responses to trigger events, like downloading assets, signing up for a demo, or joining a webinar. The accounts also move to the appropriate marketing or sales representative as the accounts meet the required engagement scores, requiring little human intervention.

2. Personalize Your Content Recommendations in Real Time

Having a living website is like having your account-based marketing representative on standby. It can customize itself for each visitor with personalized reading recommendations.

Hushly’s account-based marketing tools transform your resource center and website into account-based experiences. Each visitor leaves data footprints that help your website understand what they are looking for, then bring that information to the forefront for easy browsing.

This ABM personalization is not restricted to blog posts. The site can also dynamically swap images and videos for each ABM lead based on their unique profiles.

Image from Hushly

3. Create Self-Nurturing Experiences

The ABM nurturing process will take weeks from the first touchpoint to conversion. That nurturing experience is much more involved than what your other marketing strategies require.

What’s at stake is your customer’s loyalty. Customer loyalty will increase your account’s lifetime value, making investing in account-based marketing worthwhile. The higher your customer loyalty is, the greater your return will be.

A return customer has a 67% chance of purchasing from you compared to a 13% chance of converting a new account. In addition, acquiring new customers is costly, especially in account-based marketing. However, when you convert a current customer or retain their loyalty, they already know and trust you, so the process is much more straightforward and cost-efficient.

Loyalty starts with building a relationship with your ABM accounts. That relationship comes from being a reliable source of information and support.

Content on your website and emails is your avenue for building that trust.

4. Natively Embed Content Across Marketing Channels

Use a native embed to integrate content onto any page or site, extending your reach further with the content you have. This saves your team valuable time and effort while growing your reach, allowing you to expand your ABM efforts.

The stream pulls from designated content according to the ABM viewer’s history, ensuring they see the most relevant information based on their unique B2B journey.

As key account decision-makers browse your pages, your streams automatically change for that viewer, improving your personalization efforts.

5. Create Living Websites and Content

Use Hushly’s tools to personalize the entire website experience without requiring additional ABM team members to craft dozens of landing pages manually.

 You can personalize your website according to segments or based on trigger actions. For example, how your website looks for someone who visits the demo page might differ from the person who visits your product page.

This targets each account, whether or not you have that account’s information, starting the nurturing journey early and increasing your chances of collecting those target accounts.

6. Allow Your Users to Dictate Their Path

One of the most challenging parts of account-based marketing is creating those customized experiences. The marketing team must hand-pick offers and content for each account, which may or may not resonate with the customer. If you’re already operating with a limited staff, this might feel overwhelming.

Hushly offers customer-guided experiences to relieve part of that load from your marketing team onto the shoulders of your AI ABM partner. Instead of a marketer choosing a path for customers, customers create their path. As customers respond to content and experiences, AI can analyze that behavior and suggest the next logical option based on those actions. It puts the accounts in the driver’s seat as they move across your digital content until they land at a service that resonates with them.

Because your customers are in control, they’re more likely to enjoy the experience and find what they’re looking for, while you don’t need to worry about guessing what they want.

7. Collect and Analyze Detailed Data

Measuring your customer’s response every step of the way helps you pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t working. The more detailed your analytics are, the more you understand where to improve.

Hushly’s tools offer detailed analytics for you or your ABM agency to review during your strategies. The tool lays out the data in an easy-to-read format to conveniently see all the information you need to understand how your accounts respond to your ABM campaigns.

Drive More Sales with an Account-Based Marketing Agency

An account-based marketing agency can help you level up your account-based marketing strategies. However, the tools you use, whether you use them with the agency or instead of an agency, will change the game.

The right tools and account-based marketing services will keep everyone informed, automate tasks, and help you stay on track and grow, no matter your team’s size.

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