Account-based experiences (ABX) introduce a user-centric strategy that increases your conversion rate. It’s a powerful twist to the traditional account-based marketing you already know.

Through ABX marketing in 2024, you can stand out from other companies and improve your marketing with hyper-personalized experiences. Those experiences are only possible because of the large amounts of data at your fingerprints.

Dive into the power of ABX in marketing and conversion.

What Is an Account-Based Experience?

An account-based experience, or ABX, crafts a positive customer experience as a B2B lead moves through their buyer’s journey.

A crucial component of ABX’s strategy is using data to fuel your interactions with the customer to hyper-personalize their experience, improving the customer’s satisfaction with the journey.

How Are Account-Based Experiences Different from Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) often steals the spotlight in B2B account discussions. It’s the umbrella term for marketing to high-value accounts using personal interactions. It requires high attention to detail and understanding of your leads.

By understanding your leads, you can craft more relevant experiences for the leads.

ABX is a specific branch of ABM. While ABM is a general term, ABX prioritizes the lead’s experience throughout the marketing process. It requires a deeper understanding of the lead because it uses more user-centric strategies that put the user’s satisfaction at the wheel.

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Benefits of ABX Marketing in 2024

Switching from traditional account-based marketing to account-based experiences has several benefits.

Builds a Stronger Relationship

ABM has always been about building relationships with your leads rather than seeing them as just another number. ABX focuses even more on that relationship by ensuring every step of the sales process is positive for the lead.

You can forge a deeper connection with your target accounts through personalized experiences that resonate with them.

Increases Your Conversion Rate

Businesses can increase their conversion rate by delivering highly relevant and targeted content and interactions. Personalized experiences drive higher engagement, motivating those accounts to act.

The average B2B sales cycle is 120 days, while ABM strategies like ABX have average sales cycles of just 90 days. When accounts act sooner, you can close more deals.

Increases the Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the value an account brings in over its entire lifetime. Because ABX requires a more significant investment than traditional marketing, you will want as high CLV as possible to balance out the costs so you generate a profit.

A lead’s lifetime value comes from the initial purchase and renewing their subscription, remaining loyal to your brand, and buying add-ons.

ABX builds a relationship that leads to greater loyalty. In addition, understanding your customers allows you to offer personalized add-on deals to increase their CLV.

Differentiates You from Your Competition

Personalized experiences set businesses apart from each other. They allow your unique selling points to shine, especially those the account relates most to.

You can use your ABX strategies to understand your target accounts and deliver experiences that stand out because they show you’re going above and beyond for that customer.

5 ABX Strategies to Boost Your Marketing Success

Use these five ABX strategies to fuel your marketing through personalization and trust-building.

1. Generate First-Party Data on Your Accounts

First-party data is far more valuable than any other type of data. It’s directly from your clients, so you know it’s relevant. You also have more control over collecting it, ensuring it remains secure, and sharing it carefully to preserve its quality.

That data will fuel your ABX strategies, ensuring you work with the highest-quality account data.

Hushly’s platform includes data collection tools that gather valuable first-party data from your website activity. It can track where users come from, what content they interact with, and behaviors on your website that provide insights into their interests and engagement level.

You can use that data to understand what the accounts are most interested in so you can provide more relevant offers.

2. Identify High-Value Accounts

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of ABX is first identifying which accounts are high value. You will only want the high-value accounts in your ABX cycle. Otherwise, the profits may not be worth the investment.

You can identify high-value accounts by researching businesses in your industry that could benefit from your services and instigating the ABX. You may also generate high-value account leads through your website when they land on your content and fill out a lead generation form.

Use processes like lead scoring and qualification to pull those high-value accounts from your general leads through identification factors such as demographics, decision-making role, and interest level.

3. Take Time Getting to Know Your Target Accounts

While AI makes ABX more efficient and convenient, especially on a larger scale, you still need time to understand the customer. You’ll want to create experiences that feel like a human reviewing their profile and hand-picking the offers and content.

AI can examine behavior and offer relevant reading material based on that behavior. Think about how streaming services like Netflix analyze your viewing habits and recommend more shows based on those past views. That’s similar to how your ABX works, but it should go deeper than just looking at past interactions.

It should consider who the account is, their goals, recent changes in the company, and information the decision-maker might have shared with the sales team. For instance, did the company recently acquire a new company? That means they will be growing quickly and need extra support. You can use that knowledge to offer products specifically for growing businesses.

Hushly helps you improve your ABX strategy by allowing you to get to know your account through first-party data. It then uses AI to personalize future interactions with that account. For example, when that account is on your website, it receives a personalized landing page recommending the most relevant educational content to lead the account through the sales cycle.

4. Provide Educational Resources

Customers are increasingly more informed as information moves online, and transparency laws require companies to open up about products and services. Because of this vast amount of information, decision-makers are pickier when deciding. They want to be fully informed and may balk at buying a service if they don’t have all the information in their hand.

You can be their source of information by posting regular content on your site on a resource page. The resource center should be packed with value and deep insights that will help decision-makers make their buying decision. Performing your own research and surveys can help your resource center stand out further through original content.

By creating a resource center, you provide your website visitors with much-needed information and your marketing team a source of first-party data from those accounts’ browsing history you can use to personalize your interactions further.

5. Measure Your Performance

Are you staying ahead of your competition with ABX?

Set ABX benchmarks you want to hit for conversion rates and engagement rates that help you measure your success. Be sure to also look at your industry standard and your competition’s growth to compare how your strategies measure up. You should see more consistent growth than your competition if your ABX strategies are successful.

Turn More of Your Quality Leads into Lifetime Customers

ABX will give your B2B marketing strategies the boost they need to fuel growth. Our unparalleled first-party data collection and customization tools allow you to perform ABX at scale without compromising the quality of each customer’s experience.

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