Leading companies around the world are using AI to reach their audience and provide personalized experiences.

A few years ago, businesses assumed AI was only accessible to the big guys with massive budgets to throw around on new tools and software. Currently, an estimated 18% of B2Bs are using artificial intelligence, and you can expect that figure to skyrocket over the next few years.

AI works because it helps businesses provide relevant content. That’s why 84% of those using AI expect to see value within a year.

The truth is, AI is easy to add to your B2B website. You don’t need to have in-depth coding knowledge or a dedicated team to implement it. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

But what does AI look like in practice? Here are a few companies using artificial intelligence and how you can use their strategies as inspiration.

companies using artificial intelligence

4 Leading Companies Using Artificial Intelligence and How to Take Advantage of It

From personalized content recommendations to preventing abandonment, you can follow some of the top companies using artificial intelligence.

1. Top Companies Using Artificial Intelligence: Amazon

Amazon is one of the leaders in AI but no one talks about it anymore because we’ve become so used to it. That’s the thing about personalized content recommendations: Everyone expects them, including your leads.

Research shows that 75% of B2B buyers now expect brands to anticipate their needs and provide relevant content.

Amazon has nailed down personalized recommendations thanks to machine learning and certain algorithms. Here are a few of them:

  • Content similarity model: An algorithm monitors which products you viewed and provides personalized recommendations.
  • Collaborative filtering model: An algorithm recommends products based on what users with similar buying behavior purchased. These are the “customers ultimately bought” or “customers also bought” suggestions you see.


These algorithms work. Did you know those personalized suggestions account for about 35% of all Amazon purchases?


You can easily bring personalized content suggestions to your B2B landing pages and blog because Hushly offers Adaptive Content Hubs to upgrade your content marketing.

Instead of forcing your visitors to navigate backward through your blogs, an Adaptive Content Hub supplies personalized content recommendations using collaborative filtering, content similarity, and several other algorithms.

Just like Amazon, the Adaptive Content Hub uses every visitor’s browsing behavior AND the behavior of similar visitors to create a personalized experience for everyone.

2. Top Companies Using Artificial Intelligence: Netflix

Like Amazon, Netflix also provides personalized content recommendations using several algorithms like content similarity models and collaborative filtering. In fact, 75% of all Netflix views come from these personalized recommendations.

Netflix also highlights other algorithm models such as:

  • Trending assets: Trending recommendations based on what’s hot right now.
  • Important assets: Netflix deems its own original content important and suggests it regularly.

There’s another reason the streaming giant is so successful: content bingeing. Netflix doesn’t let you go after you watch one movie or TV show. Oh no, it offers a constant stream of content that autoplays when one show finishes – whether you want it to or not!


Traditional landing pages are outdated, and Netflix shows us that content bingeing works. Instead of leaving your visitors at a dead-end, smash those 1% conversion rates with self-nurturing landing pages.

A self-nurturing landing page offers your visitors an endless stream of personalized content recommendations thanks to machine learning and AI algorithms.

3. Top Companies Using Artificial Intelligence: Microsoft

Is there any platform with more natural conversations than Reddit? Almost everyone on Reddit remains anonymous so conversations are deep and often flow on and on in detailed threads.

Well, Microsoft is partnering with Reddit to improve its natural language processing for chatbots. As you can imagine, there are still a few kinks to work out – especially with respect to NSFW content – but the system seems to work well!


You can bring the same data collaboration to your website with the power of AI. Artificial intelligence is perfect for verifying leads.

Research shows 62% of businesses are basing their business decisions off data up to 40% incorrect. Yikes. Unfortunately, that’s going to happen unless you can use AI to verify your lead data.

Instead of collecting a bunch of information on leads that expires within days (like company names, job roles, etc.), all you need is a business email address and a country. That’s it! The AI system will verify lead data with public information on LinkedIn so it’s always correct and current.

4. Top Companies Using AI: Tencent

Tencent is one of China’s leaders in artificial intelligence. The company’s vision is to “make AI everywhere” and they’re taking that mission seriously with content, advertising, cloud storage, and even online gaming.

Tencent alone hosts 55% of China’s entire mobile internet usage. That’s huge considering China is the world’s largest market.

Companies using artificial intelligence in gaming, like Tencent, have mastered the art of preventing abandonment by recommending similar content to keep users hooked.


You can add AI to your abandonment strategy with Hushly. Instead of bombarding your precious visitors with an annoying form, you can deliver personalized content recommendations with exit-intent popups.

People are much more likely to stay on your site when you give them more relevant and valuable content instead of asking them to complete a task by filling out a form. It’s a win-win for everyone: you AND your visitors.

Here’s what a personalized exit-intent popup looks like in action:


Become One of the Leaders in AI

Hushly makes AI accessible to everyone. With Hushly, you don’t need extensive coding knowledge to provide your visitors with personalized experiences. Just add the platform to your website and watch your lead conversions skyrocket by 51% thanks to hyper-personalized content recommendations.

The Hushly AI engine uses machine learning to study every visitor and deliver a unique experience – whether they’re a known lead or an anonymous visitor.

companies using artificial intelligence
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