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Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional CRO is about trying different tactics (different messages, different colors, different layouts, shorter forms, pre population of forms, progressive profiling, personalization, A/B testing, etc) to get more visitors to submit information on your forms. 

Hushly is different. Hushly is not focused on getting more visitors to complete your forms.  Hushly doesn’t believe in traditional forms and we subscribe to the theory of “no forms” and our technology can help you go formless by simply inserting an image and call to action (view now) over top of your form so you don’t need to make any changes to your infrastructure.  

However, if you love your forms or you can’t get others to get on board with your no forms strategy, then look no further than Hushly.  We will provide incremental lead conversions from the 95% of traffic that’s abandoning your forms.  Hushly converts landing page abandoners into hand raisers! 

Hushly is your form safety-net.  Meaning, when users elect to abandon your forms we are able to get these users convert and opt-in (without having to complete your traditional form) before they leave your landing page. 

Yes, we can and we have recently published a conversion research report (the industry’s first) to prove it. 

If you want to see the statistical research report please check out our resource page.  It shows how we’re actually exceeding those percentages today with some of the largest enterprise companies.  Also, please check out our case studies in the resource center as well.

Hushly is currently over delivering on our stated brand promises:

  • 59% Increase in Lead Conversions
  • 4.5X  Increase in Content Engagement
  • 59% Lead Quality Lift

Yes, we can!

Look no further than Hushly’s own resource center.  We are powering our own resource center and have the capability to host yours so that its indexed by Google’s platform and others.  

We’re not in the business of charging you a software licensing fee or some platform fee to host your content and have people just binge on it.  

We’re in the business of conversions and providing quality business leads.  You only pay for human-verified business leads and those leads coming from the resource center are only going to cost you $5 bucks per lead (CPL).   Plus you still get the benefit of personalized content journey’s for binging, or whatever you want to call it when someone looks at your content.  Along with that we track content engagement so you can see how your content is performing. 

We’ll help you reduce the garbage conversions you get normally with fake emails, personal emails, and all the other junk that slips through.  We’ll make sure your resource center is working for you to deliver the quality you need for sales to have those valuable business leads.

Content Views & Leads

Hushly has three pricing models.

Content Views, Leads, & Content View & Lead Bundle.  Check out our pricing page.    The lead based model is for business emails only and includes enrichment with  human-verification on the enriched business profile. 

Note: If you want all emails including gmails, we can offer a further reduction.  Please inquire about that with your sales rep.

Similar to PathFactory & UberFlip, Hushly enables you to offer your website and landing page visitors personalized content experiences at scale. 

Unlike PathFactory & UberFlip, we’re not in the business of charging you a software licensing fee or platform fee to host your content and have people just binge on it.  We’re in the business of conversions and providing quality business leads.

Hushly is 100% performance base. You only pay for the human-verified-leads Hushly produces from visitors on your website, your resource center and your landing pages.   

Detecting when a user is about to abandon your landing-page is where the similarities between Hushly and traditional exit-intent vendors end.  

With traditional exit-intent vendor solutions, the best you can do is to offer the abandoning visitor a link to your marketing content (in their pop-up) hoping the abandoning user would click on the link and comeback to complete your form.  The worst thing you can do is remind them to go back and fill out the form they just abandoned which some vendors offer.  

Hushly offers a unique and complete CRO solution.  

  1. Hushly has a large contact database of human-verified global business profiles. We share a user’s business profile data with your company only after we get the user’s consent.  None of the traditional exit-intent vendors offer this. 
  2. Rather than show the user a link to your marketing content in a pop-up, Hushly offers the abandoning visitor an interactive version (user can preview your content but cannot save or share it)  of the marketing content (e-book, white-paper, analyst report, webinar, etc) the user came for without having to complete any of your form.  None of the traditional exit-intent vendors offer this functionality. 
  3. Hushly also offers related and personalized content the abandoner may-be interested in   None of the traditional exit-intent vendors offer this personalized content experience. 
  4. Because Hushly is cross-domain, Hushly pre-populates the user’s business email if know and if not Hushly only requires the user to submit business email and country for the user to get full access to the marketing content they previewed as well as all the recommended  related content offered.  None of the traditional exit-intent vendors offer this. 
  5. Hushly validates the business email submitted and also sends a verification email to ensure the user is not impersonating someone else. None of the traditional exit-intent vendors offer this. 
  6. Hushly then gets the user’s permission (double opt-in for GDPR, CASL, etc) to share their enhanced and human-verified business profile (from the Hushly database) with your company. None of the traditional exit-intent vendors offer this.
  7. Hushly then publishes (via API) this enhanced lead with your marketing automation platform. None of the traditional exit-intent vendors offer this. 

So in a nut-shell traditional exit-intent vendors offer a feature, Hushly offers you an complete solution. With Hushly you don’t have to pay a platform fee. Hushly is performance based. You only pay for the human-verified leads Hushly publishes to your marketing automation platform.

Yes, we do!

We’ve built the product to be technology agnostic and it can work with anything (homegrown pages, WordPress, Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, InfusionSoft, etc.). Plus we can publish to any webform via webhook or API.   We also have integrations with other technologies like Salesforce CRM, Bizable, Adobe and more.

Extremely simple!

Its a simple two step process that takes 15-20 minutes total.
Step 1:  Connect Hushly to your Marketing Automation Platform
Step 2:  Map Hushly fields to your existing marketing automation platform fields

Also, we can publish to any webform via webhook or API.

We do have integrations with other technologies like Salesforce CRM, Bizable, Adobe, Integrate, 6Sense, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more.


There’s no hidden cost.  You can use it free on an unlimited number of landing pages or any web pages you want to increase conversions on (gated or un-gated assets) and this also includes hosting a resource center for you.


You can localize the entire customer facing Hushly viewer into any of the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Japanese Portuguese, Spanish.

Note:  Don’t see a language we can add it within days.


We’ve engineered the software to be a minimal touch.  Simply insert the Hushly tag on the pages you want to enable the Hushly experience and then take an hour of training on how to setup an experience and you can be doing the basics.  For those that don’t have the hour to spend up front, just send us a list of your landing pages and we’ll enable them for you then walk you through training when your schedule permits.

We take security, privacy and consent very seriously. 

We have successfully passed through the security and performance audits of some of the largest cyber security companies (Palo Alto Networks, Symantec, Check Point Software, Forescout, Keysight Technologies,  Juniper Networks,  among others) who are happy customers. 

You’ll be compliant!

Hushly is a data controller.  Hushly determines the ways and means to capture and process personal data. We get the user’s explicit and un-bundled consent to share their Hushly enhanced business profile with your company,  so that your company can market to them per your company’s stated privacy policy.

Customer Case Studies

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