Imagine being able to make the most of your audience’s attention in the most effective way possible. Imagine being able to understand exactly what your target audience wants when they want it.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is about making your marketing efforts more effective by focusing on the right people at the right time and understanding your audience’s preferences and how they interact with your brand. But what about those who have already interacted with you without making a conversion? They’re still relevant to your brand, and you need to be reaching out to them as well, and account-based retargeting can help.

What is Account-Based Retargeting?

Account-Based Retargeting is a way to retarget a specific audience within a B2B company.

Traditional retargeting is a marketing method that uses cookies to track your website’s visitors and collect information about them. This is useful for finding out what products your visitors have viewed, how they found your site, etc.

Once you’ve found out these things, you can then retarget those visitors with ads and content specifically tailored to their interests and behavioral patterns.

Account-Based Retargeting is a similar concept, but it takes things one step further. In B2C, traditional retargeting methods work because companies are targeting specific individuals. However, in B2B, you have to be careful whom you are retargeting and how you approach them.

How you approach these B2B individuals will require very specific information that speaks to their role within their company. This is where account-based retargeting comes in.

With ABM, you can retarget a specific account, which is a group of people who share a common interest or are part of a specific team. This makes it easier for you to understand your audience and reach out to them in the best way possible.


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Does Account-Based Retargeting Work?

Account-Based Retargeting effectively targets your audience and converts them into customers by sharing engaging content and advertisements that suit their specific needs.

In 2020, RollWorks, a Hushly client, found that approximately 40% of their retargeting traffic was actively engaging with the brand’s content. How? They were delivering the right content to the right people at the right time. They accomplished this by leveraging intent data and personalization to serve the right message at the right time.

Thanks to the active engagement from their retargeting traffic, RollWorks was able to see conversion rates that were 950% better than the B2B retargeting average.


5 Benefits of Account-Based Retargeting

Sometimes, the best way to gain new customers is to keep in touch with your existing ones and connect with those that never converted. Account-based retargeting is a great way to do this, and it’s a lot more effective than traditional retargeting. Not quite sold on the benefits of account-based retargeting? Here are five things you’ll want to consider:

1. Can Help You Lower Total Retargeting Costs

With account-based retargeting, you can be sure that your retargeting is focused on the right people, and this means that you can spend less time and money on your retargeting campaigns.

With traditional retargeting, you need to spend a lot of time and money trying to reach an extremely broad audience. When you’re working with a B2B clientele, you can’t be spending time and valuable resources on the wrong people.

With account-based retargeting, you only have to spend time and money on the people relevant to your brand, which can save you significantly.

2. Deliver Specific Messaging to Specific Individuals

When you’re sending out retargeting messages and advertisements, you want to focus on the people who are most likely to convert.

You can use ABM to reach out to specific individuals within an account and deliver content that speaks to their specific needs. This same concept is then applied to your account-based retargeting efforts, ensuring that you’re only sending out information that speaks to the right people at the right time.

3. Allows You To Develop Meaningful Relationships

When marketing to a B2B audience, you have to focus your time and attention on the decision-makers. These are the people who will make the purchasing decisions.

With account-based retargeting, you can establish meaningful relationships with your target audience and develop a rapport with them. With the right messaged that is targeted directly to the decision-makers, you can create a lasting impression.

4. Helps Sync Up the Efforts of Your Marketing and Sales Teams

One of the most significant benefits of account-based retargeting is that it allows you to synchronize your sales and marketing team. When you have individual accounts for your target audience, you can make sure that your sales and marketing teams work together on the same goals and are all on the same page. This means that you can work together to coordinate and create a plan for each account.

Not only that, but they can work together on brand language, messaging, and content to ensure that your audience is getting the same experience no matter who they are talking to.

5. Drives Sales

The primary goal of any retargeting campaign is to drive sales. With account-based retargeting, you can be sure that your retargeting is focused on the right people, allowing you to personalize the type of content and advertisements that you percent to each account.

This ensures that you’re only sending out relevant information and that you are also directly addressing them in a way that is both informative and engaging – resulting in better relationships and more sales

Bring More Focus to Your Next Campaign with Hushly’s ABM Campaign Pages

Account-based marketing is an outstanding way to make sure that you are reaching out to the right people at the right time. By understanding your audience and developing a rapport with them, you can ensure that your retargeting efforts positively impact your overall bottom line.

Here at Hushly, we can help you bring more focus to your next campaign by helping you build your own ABM Campaign Pages. With our ABM Campaign Pages, you can create account-focused microsites with personalized content that is tailored to each individual.

Curious how we can help you create stand-out ABM campaign pages? Contact us today for more!

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