It’s 2019.

Does your B2B company’s marketing strategy incorporate retargeting?

If not, this is the year to finally start investing in one of the most powerful marketing tactics available.

With a retargeting ad campaign, you’ll continue to market your company to potential leads even after they leave your site. So, as long as your strategy contains the right elements, you’ll multiply your chances of converting each lead.

3 Essential Elements for a Successful Retargeting Campaign

Despite all the hype surrounding retargeting, the method has largely lived up to its reputation, which explains why its popularity continues to grow.

Still, it’s not a guaranteed to work.

Instead, you have to design your campaigns with the following three elements in mind to ensure success.

1. Funnel-Specific Ads

Depending on your budget, you may wait to focus your retargeting campaigns on leads when you know they’re at the end of your lead-generation funnel and most likely to convert.

On the other hand, if you’re struggling to keep your funnel full, you may opt to target every lead who spends any amount of time exploring your website.

Ideally, though, you want retargeting ads that line up with every stage of your funnel. You’ll have ads specifically designed for leads when you are still working to grab their attention, once you’ve moved on to cultivate further interest, then when you’re building desire in them, and finally when you have to get them to take action and become a client.

If you don’t have ads for each stage, you risk crippling its effectiveness.

Someone who already knows about your company and, thus, is no longer in the attention-stage won’t move any further into your funnel if you continue to show them ads for that stage.

Likewise, someone who is still becoming familiar with the problem your company solves (interest stage) isn’t going to convert just because you’re showing them action ads.

2. Buyer-Persona-Specific Ads

Similarly, it will help your conversion rate greatly if you can design retargeting ads for each buyer persona who will be responsible for making a purchasing decision at the B2B companies in your market.

After all, each of these people is going to make that decision based on different reasons. Therefore, they’re looking for different information from you while they move through your funnel. Send them the wrong message in an ad and it will probably be ignored.

Fortunately, while an average of 6.8 people are usually involved in these important decisions, that’s not to say that each one needs their own ads, as they may not represent unique personas.

Still, if your company sells accounting software, you’re going to have a hard time using the same ad on the director of the accounting department, the CFO, the CTO, and anyone else who may be involved in deciding whether or not to purchase your platform.

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to take some time identifying which personas tend to be involved with the companies in your market.

3. A/B Testing

Most B2B marketers are absolutely blown away by the results of retargeting when they try it for the first time. There’s nothing like being able to market to your leads even long after they have left your company’s website.

Unfortunately, these incredible outcomes often stop there. The marketers are so pleased that they essentially leave their ads on autopilot and go on to pursue other goals.

As a consequence, they never try to improve on their ads or work toward even greater returns. It’s possible that they could be converting many more leads every month if they just tested new ads, formats, networks and, yes, even strategies.

Just as you should be A/B testing every component of your website, landing pages, and emails, the same is true for your retargeting ads. In fact, it’s especially important in 2019 as competition will continue to increase.

The Last Piece to the Ultimate Retargeting Strategy

Finally, while all the three tactics we covered above are essential for a successful retargeting strategy, all they can do is bring leads back to your site.

In order for the strategy to really pay off – literally – you need to convert those leads.

That’s where Hushly comes in.

Our platform has successfully boosted landing page conversions for B2B clients by more than 51% and increased content engagement by over 305%. Best of all, we’ve been able to do so while actually cutting the cost-per-lead by up to a third.

By using Hushly and retargeting, your B2B company will have quite the 2019 to look forward to. Contact us today to see exactly how it works.

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