Account-based marketing is the practice of tailoring your marketing efforts toward individual accounts instead of using traditional mass awareness tactics.

Instead of trying to convince the entire marketplace to buy your product, you instead try to convince only specific buyers. These buyers can be large companies or, sometimes, even just individuals within that company who have the power to make buying decisions.

There’s a growing trend toward this kind of relationship-building in marketing. Instead of trying to attract as many customers as possible for a simple one-off transaction, practices like ABM are making it easier and more profitable to focus on long-term mutual growth between business partners.

To successfully execute account-based marketing, it’s recommended that you invest in some ABM software.

But what does ABM software offer you that you can’t accomplish on your own? How does it work? And where can you find the best ABM platform that will help your business grow?

To help you navigate this evolving landscape, we’ll answer all of those questions and more.

What is Account-Based Marketing Software?

To properly execute an ABM strategy, your business will need to do each of the following for every account (or group of accounts) you plan to target:

  • Preselect targets based on criteria that make sense for your industry, niche, and scale.
  • Plan marketing campaigns for these target accounts.
  • Execute those plans. This includes everything from designing materials to reaching out to potential customers, and every step on the way to checkout.
  • Tracking and analyzing data improve the efficiency of your program.

Account-based marketing software, also known as an ABM platform, will help you accomplish all of these tasks in an automated way.

Automation in this context can range from full automation, where you don’t ever have to think about or make any adjustments, to partially automated systems that you can update with just a few clicks.

In any case, the purpose of ABM software is to help your business scale your account-based marketing efforts and pave the way for your growth.

What to Look For in an ABM Platform

There are dozens of ABM platforms on the internet. Each of them will claim to provide certain benefits and solutions that will help your company scale your account-based marketing efforts.

So how can you sort through all of the offerings and pick the software that’s best suited to help your company grow?

Look for some of the following features in your ABM platform.

  • Display targeted marketing materials that are designed and approved for specific buyers.
  • Syndicate your content across multiple channels and platforms to ensure the intended audience always has your materials at their fingertips.
  • Perform full campaigns, such as email marketing campaigns. This means generating and sending emails, and keeping track of important metrics like open rate, response rate, and click-through rates.
  • Create lists of ABM target accounts and help you narrow these lists down for optimization.
  • Facilitate your sales and marketing pipelines by ensuring prospects always have access to contextual and relevant content.
  • Produce and analyze large amounts of data that will help you optimize your strategy and ensure you’re always moving the revenue needle in the right direction.

The goal of your ABM software is to make it easy for your business to design targeted and personalized marketing campaigns for one-to-one, one-to-few, and one-to-many strategies. Most importantly, your ABM software should be capable of performing these activities automatically.

What are the Benefits of ABM Software?

Designing personalized, targeted marketing campaigns for your ideal customers is a time-consuming process.

You’ll need to first identify the right targets. Then, you should segment them based on things like business needs, pain points, or unique industry problems that your company can help solve. Then, designing and executing each individual marketing campaign will dominate your focus.

It’s easy to see how all of these tasks can take many weeks or even months for the largest accounts. How can you hope to accomplish this level of ABM marketing at scale? The only way is through automation.

Automating problems like creating unique web pages, lead capture forms, dynamic content hubs, targeted email marketing campaigns, and instant lead nurturing are all benefits of ABM software. Automating these tasks gives your marketing team the freedom to focus their efforts on the actual marketing: designing great campaigns, telling powerful stories, and establishing genuine human connections with the companies you hope to work with.

How ABM Software Can Support Sales and Marketing

ABM software is, as the title suggests, primarily a marketing tool.

Designing and executing personalized account-based experiences at a wide scale is the key reason to invest in an ABM platform. However, you should also know that the leading ABM software platforms also include tools that will support your sales staff and accelerate your sales pipeline.

ABM software companies do this by automating simple but time-consuming sales tasks like:

  • Monitoring web traffic for targeted, high-value accounts
  • Notifying sales reps when leads are captured so that relationship-building can start immediately
  • Helping your sales team focus their efforts on the highest-value accounts without any overlap
  • Instantly responding to lead captures, ensuring that leads are nurtured from the moment they come in

Web Personalization vs. Account-Based Marketing Software

Web personalization is the process of creating unique webpages for individual visitors.

Dynamic aspects of a website can include things like:

  • Displaying different company logos to different visitors
  • Adapting content hubs to display only content that’s most relevant to that visitor
  • Adapting lead capture forms for individuals
  • Offering automated notifications when a targeted account visits your website, giving you the chance to establish a human connection immediately

While a great account-based marketing platform will include these aspects of web personalization, they’re separate concepts.

ABM software is, by contrast, much more wide-ranging and capable than simple web-personalization software. This is because an ABM platform should facilitate every aspect of the account-based marketing experience, from lead capture through checkout and data analysis.

Hushly is a Must-Try ABM Software Platform

Hushly is an industry leader in marketing automation and account-based marketing experiences.

We believe in a few fundamental principles that lend themselves to account-based marketing and show up in everything we do:

  • We believe in providing value upfront and asking for payment later. This helps us build long-term partnerships with our clients that result in mutual growth.
  • Our data capture and analysis are some of the best in the business. We track metrics that can help you understand your website’s visitors, marketing performance, and attribute leads.
  • Our easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface means there’s no technical experience required to design dynamic, fully personalized account experiences for any number of accounts.
  • The simple interface also helps you flexibly design content based on anything, from the stage of the buying process to unique industries.
  • Hushly can integrate with any existing technology stack because we’re focused on providing our users with the smoothest experience possible.

At Hushly, we believe our software is as creative and flexible as your marketing vision.

Request a demo of Hushly today to get started on your journey of creating automated account-based marketing experiences.

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