2019 promises to be another exciting year for B2B companies – at least those that understand the trends that will affect this field.

Specifically, marketers need to be aware of how personalization will continue to find new adopters, leaving behind companies that remain committed to their static websites.

If you’re not completely sold on the importance of personalization in marketing, take a moment to consider what you could miss out on in 2019 if you don’t leverage this approach.

The Importance of Personalization in Marketing: 4 Reasons It Matters for B2B Companies

The importance of personalization in marketing can probably be summed up by saying it’s the natural evolution of online marketing.

First, companies had simple, five-page sites.

Then, they added blogs to better address their numerous segments.

Next, there’s social media to do the same in an even more dynamic way.

Now, we have personalization, which has given B2B companies the way to customize the experience their prospects have on their sites.

Still, let’s zero in on why the importance of personalization in marketing should matter for your business.

1. B2B Customers Want Specific Information

This first point should come as no surprise. Every customer wants specific information before making a purchase.

That’s the whole reason content marketing exists, to begin with.

That being said, B2B customers can generally be a lot more demanding when it comes to the information they want before making a purchase. After all, they’ll be spending a lot more and their company’s future may depend on it.

What’s interesting is that adjusting content for each segment of your market is nothing new. Email segmentation is a common practice. Yet, when it comes to website content, the same idea falls by the wayside.

With personalization, you can take a similar approach to your content. By doing so, enjoy similar results for your efforts.

2. You Can Leverage ABM in Your Content Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is another example of a popular transformation taking place among B2B companies. Instead of playing the numbers game when it comes to generating leads, focusing on just one account allows marketers to improve conversions and the ROI of their tactics.

If ABM isn’t realistic for your business, that doesn’t mean you have to forego all of its benefits. Thanks to personalization, you can put specific content in front of specific accounts.

Furthermore – again, similar to email segmentation – you can then see what’s working best with which audience. Then you can double your efforts where you’re finding content-marketing success.

3. Personalized Marketing Leads to Easier Conversions

This should come as no surprise. But if you are able to learn more about your prospects through personalization – including, and especially, the information they care about most – it’s also easier to convert them.

After all, you could know things about their pain points, most-valued KPIs, and long-term goals.

At the very least, you should know what they’re looking for in a solution provider. This is extremely valuable when it comes time to convert them.

4. Everyone Is Doing It

This excuse may not have passed muster when you were young. But given the importance of personalization in marketing – as illustrated by the three points we just covered – it’s time to start worrying if you’re holding out.

Currently, more than 70% of B2B customers expect a personalized experience and even more have reported that their “standards for the customer experience are at an all-time high.”

As such, personalization has become extremely popular among B2B companies. Many of your competitors may have already adopted it.

Seeing as how this approach clearly isn’t a trend, it would be wise to begin putting it to use ASAP before everyone really is doing it – except you.

Importance of Personalization in Marketing for Your Business

As the importance of personalization in marketing continues to grow, it will soon become vital for your company to leverage this approach. Otherwise, you risk falling behind those of your competitors that do.

Fortunately, Hushly can help.

Better still, our platform can do so without your company having to change its current editorial calendar or the type of content you produce.

Nonetheless, we can offer your business 51% better landing page conversions and 305% increased content engagement. We can even ensure that prospects provide 100% accurate contact information before viewing your entire lead magnet. That’s valuable information you can use to create a more personalized experience.

If you’d like to see how all of this is possible – and can even save you money in the process – contact us today and we’ll walk you through the simple process.  

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