How to Create Engaging Landing Pages: 12 Tips

How to Create Engaging Landing Pages: 12 Tips

For many buyers, your landing page is the first time they get to know your solution and the value it can provide. If your landing pages are cluttered, boring, hard to navigate, and impersonal, they’ll be ineffective. Once the customer leaves your website, the odds of you converting them plummets dramatically. Today, 65% of B2B […]

7 Steps to Personalize Your ABM Landing Pages

If you’re like most B2B marketers, you’re still getting the hang of account-based marketing. Although 92% of marketers say they have an ABM campaign in place, about two-thirds adopted their ABM only within the past five years. In other words, if your campaign isn’t delivering the results you expect, hold tight and optimize – don’t […]

Should You Rely on a Gated Landing Page? Everything You Need to Know

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Should You Rely on a Gated Landing Page? Everything You Need to Know… From a B2B marketing perspective, gating a landing page is the only choice that makes sense, right? You don’t want website visitors to slip through the cracks and get lost forever in the massive internet void like an interesting Facebook post after […]

Why Do B2Bs Need Self-Nurturing Landing Pages to Turbocharge Leads?

How do you spend your free time away from work? If you’re like most people, you enjoy watching your favorite Netflix or Hulu shows, listening to your favorite curated Spotify playlists, scrolling through Facebook, and shopping through your favorite app. Top apps like these all have one key feature in common: endless streams of personalized […]

3 B2B Landing Page Best Practices to Reduce Overhead

Landing pages may seem simple, but as any experienced B2B marketer will tell you, those web pages can also be incredibly powerful. Many B2B marketing strategies would be in serious trouble if landing pages were suddenly no longer an option. And yet, many are in more trouble than they realize because their landing pages are […]

3 Landing Page Optimization Practices to Reduce Abandonment

Landing pages can be deceptively powerful. To the untrained eye, they’re just a single webpage – just graphics, copy, and an opt-in form of some kind. Yet, to online marketers, landing pages are often the most important tool in their arsenals. These simple pages are generally very inexpensive but can be responsible for massive profits. […]