For many buyers, your landing page is the first time they get to know your solution and the value it can provide. If your landing pages are cluttered, boring, hard to navigate, and impersonal, they’ll be ineffective. Once the customer leaves your website, the odds of you converting them plummets dramatically.

Today, 65% of B2B buyers self-navigate through the entire purchasing process, which means your landing page needs to be capable of engaging them and getting them into the pipeline without your help.

How can you ensure your landing pages are up to par? Hushly has put together 12 actionable tips you can use to create engaging landing pages starting now.

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page designed to convert visitors into leads. Digital marketing campaigns use landing pages to drive targeted traffic toward lead capture forms and increase conversion rates.

Landing Pages vs. Home Pages

Your landing page serves a very different purpose than your home page. Home pages are the main hub of your website. They facilitate navigation and provide a general overview of your company and purpose.

A landing page is far narrower in scope. They should be tightly focused on a single product or solution which is relevant to a targeted buyer.

What Makes a Successful Landing Page?

A successful landing page keeps a customer’s attention on your website and drives conversions. The best way to do this is to create compelling value statements and smoothly direct the buyer’s attention to lead capture forms that allow you to pull them through the sales funnel.

How Do I Make My Landing Pages More Engaging?

An engaging landing page includes limited navigation that eliminates distraction and keeps the focus on your message.

Your landing page should capture the customer’s attention with well-placed, compelling copy that directly addresses the problems they have. Then, paint a picture that shows how using your solution solves their problems. Finally, always explain how buyers can access your solution and direct them toward the next steps in the process.

12 Tips for Winning Landing Pages

Here are 12 tips for creating the best landing pages that keep a buyer’s attention and drive conversions.

1. Use Eye Catching Headlines

Your headlines should be clear and to the point. Try creating compelling headlines that directly communicate your company’s value proposition while indicating your company’s expert knowledge of the field you’re targeting.

2. Keep It Simple

Your landing page should be free of clutter. Keep the focus on your message by eliminating unnecessary information. Ideally, you’ll be driving attention from the headline through the content and toward your call-to-action (CTA).

3. Always Include a CTA

Every page on your website should include a relevant and contextual CTA. Your landing pages are no different. Aim to entice customers by first invoking their pain points, then presenting your solution as the best remedy. Your CTA should always provide clear next steps the buyer can follow on their way to becoming a customer.

4. Optimize for Mobile

You can use Google’s free tool to ensure your webpage is mobile-friendly.

In today’s tech-driven world, many B2B buyers are researching outside the office using mobile devices. A smooth mobile experience is critical to keeping these buyers engaged and converting them.

5. Include Media (Images and Sound)

High-quality media including pictures, video, and audio, help you highlight your value proposition and display your company’s products. They are also great ways to enrich the story you’re telling the customer. Use media to paint a picture of the customer’s problem and the ways your company will solve it for them.

6. Provide Value Up Front

Hushly is a big proponent of providing value to customers to gain trust and build lasting relationships. A great way to do this is to provide content up-front.

For example, a free eBook on a topic you’re an expert in can introduce a customer to complex problems and help you paint your solution as the best one for them.

7. Include Social Proof

If possible, include things like user testimonials, reviews, and customer comments that emphasize the value your company can bring. Pick comments that illustrate what it’s like to work with your company and how you’ll respond to customer challenges as they arise.

8. Use Personalization

Personalization is a great way to drive engagement and connect with buyers.

The best landing page builder includes tools that allow you to generate custom pages with just a few clicks. Designing custom landing pages for each campaign helps buyers feel like you understand them, their company, and the challenges they’re facing.

9. Focus on Benefits, Not Features

When writing copy for a landing page, you must emphasize how your solution benefits buyers, rather than simply listing features.

For example, let’s say your email marketing solution lets buyers easily create mass emails and track the open rate in a single screen.

Rather than just telling them they can do this, you could make your copy more compelling by explaining how they’ll increase ROI and reduce time spent on email marketing overnight using your simple interface.

10. Create Urgency with Action-Oriented Language

Your landing page should emphasize the value of acting immediately on the solution you provide. Action-oriented language such as “click here to…” or “sign up now so you can…” is effective at driving customers toward action.

You can also increase urgency by including limited-time offers that customers need to act quickly to take advantage of.

11. Automate Lead Nurturing

Every minute that goes by without responding to a lead is less chance you’ll be able to convert that buyer.

Your marketing platform should be capable of automatically nurturing leads whenever and wherever they crop up. AI-driven solutions like Hushly’s can capture leads and respond to them automatically so you’re always maximizing the chances of turning prospects into buyers.

12. Learn and Optimize

Our final tip is to capture lead data and constantly review it for opportunities to optimize your demand capture process.

The best platforms give you insights on channel performance, campaign performance metrics, and content performance, and help you understand your buyer’s conversion behaviors.

By constantly reviewing data and modifying your process, you’ll always be getting one step closer to the optimal landing page experience for your buyers.

BONUS TIP: Use a Marketing Platform Like Hushly to Easily Optimize Your Landing Pages Starting Now

There are a lot of great solutions to improving the effectiveness of your landing pages, most of which you can accomplish on your own as long as you’re not concerned with scaling your operation too quickly.

However, if you’re a larger business or are hoping to rapidly expand, you can save time and money by using a landing page builder like Hushly.

We believe in the value of forming relationships with our clients focused on mutual growth. Our philosophy on landing pages reflects this, which is why we emphasize the importance of providing up-front value via streamlined landing pages that help buyers understand your solution and put them on the path toward conversions.

Let Hushly build a demo for you and see how we can improve your landing pages to drive conversions and help your business expand.

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