Landing pages can be deceptively powerful.

To the untrained eye, they’re just a single webpage – just graphics, copy, and an opt-in form of some kind.

Yet, to online marketers, landing pages are often the most important tool in their arsenals.

These simple pages are generally very inexpensive but can be responsible for massive profits.

Of course, that’s if you’re able to keep prospects from abandoning it. If you see that happening, you need to immediately implement landing page optimization tips aimed at bringing those abandonment rates down right away.

3 Landing Page Optimization Tips to Decrease Abandonment

High abandonment rates don’t go away on their own.

They will also continue to drive down your ROI until you’re finally able to turn things around.

So, if you’ve noticed an uptick in people leaving your landing pages, put these tips to use right away.

1. Align Your Ad and Landing Page Across Every Feature

The simplest advice you’ll hear about landing page optimization is that your page needs to fulfill your ad’s promise.

So, if your ad says the landing page is for 0% financing to purchase a home, expect a huge bounce rate if your landing page is actually for gambling on the big game.

That’s an extreme example, of course, but many marketers play a little loose with the rules. They’ll advertise “instant weight loss” when their landing page is for a diet that takes months to produce results.

Again, you’d have to expect high abandonment rates.

If anything, stay modest with your ad and then really surprise visitors with the value of what you’re advertising.

Furthermore, make sure your ad and landing page are aligned across every other feature, too. If your ad uses visuals (e.g. you use Facebook Ads), the colors and graphics should be consistent. Many people will click away from your ad just because of a minor discrepancy like visuals and branding.

2. Inject Urgency and Scarcity into Your Landing Page Copy

If you’re not clearly explaining the value of your company’s product or service, then people aren’t going to stay on your landing page for long. That’s to be expected and, thus, most marketers start explaining what their company has to offer as quickly as they can.

Nonetheless, a prospect may be convinced of its value and still decide they’ll come back later to purchase, provide their information, etc. This could be for any number of reasons. Maybe they got distracted. Maybe they became busy.

Whatever the case, there’s one landing page optimization tip to implement that will keep these obstacles from getting in the way: injecting urgency and scarcity into your copy.

Urgency and scarcity are powerful marketing tools.

When a prospect becomes aware that now may be their only opportunity to benefit from your product or service, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) kicks in. You then have their full and undivided attention.

Does this guarantee a conversion?

No, but it will go a long way toward getting the visitor to stay on your landing page until your copy has had a chance to sell them.

 3. Constantly A/B Test

If you just implement the two landing page optimization tips above, you’ll see much better results than any of your competitors who don’t.

Still, it’s also important to remember that landing pages succeed for different reasons across different industries and markets.

Some audiences will be much more receptive to copy that really stresses the urgency of an offer. For others, it will be nearly impossible to make a purchase that very same day.

That’s why the most important landing page optimization tip is to A/B test your work.

This means creating two of every landing page you make, changing just one variable, and seeing which one performs better. Once you get your results, update the other page with this change, change a different factor, and run the test again.

By doing this over and over, you’ll continuously drive your landing page abandonment rates down.

One Simple Tool to Improve Landing Page Optimization Right Away

If high abandonment rates are getting in the way of high conversions, it would be wise to put the above advice to use ASAP.

You don’t want the current rate snowballing into something much worse, which may soon become impossible to reverse.

However, no matter where your rates currently stand, Hushly can make them better.

Our tool has improved landing page conversions by 51%. That’s immediate landing page optimization you can see right away.

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