Is your B2B company considering its first-ever ABM campaign?

There are countless reasons to give it a try.

While numerous trends come-and-go every year in the world of B2B marketing, account-based marketing (ABM) has proven it has staying power. Though it was a topic-of-conversation for years in many B2B circles, it only began finding adherents in the last five. However, those adherents quickly became impassioned devotees.

It’s not because ABM is a silver bullet, though. It’s because those marketers understand what it takes for ABM to succeed again and again.

4 Signs Your Website Is Ready for a Successful ABM Campaign

In some ways, one of the biggest draws to running an ABM campaign is that it’s so much simpler than the more-involved alternatives. You’re marketing to just one company with each campaign, as opposed to several, dozens, or even hundreds.

Nonetheless, you still have plenty to do before your campaigns will be set up for success. For example, those marketers that succeed again and again know not to launch a campaign until their sites are ready. Even with ABM, it’s likely your leads will come to your site, so it better be prepared to support conversions.

Here are four signs its ready to do so.

1. Your Website Is Set Up for Personalization

The biggest strength of ABM is that it provides each lead with a completely customized experience. You never have to worry about losing leads because they didn’t have the information they needed to make the right decisions.

It’s why personalization is so important for your website. Even if you’re taking a more traditional approach, it will increase your conversions, but an ABM lead is already accustomed to having information tailored to them. If they then decide to visit your site and struggle to find other information they want, that interruption could hurt your chances of converting.

2. Social Proof Abounds  

Case studies are great for ABM because you can show a lead exactly what they have to look forward to if they accept your business.

Still, there are only so many case studies you can send them. As powerful as they are, your leads will most likely want other types of content before making a decision.

If they visit your site in search of them, an easy way to remind them of what’s around the corner if they become a client is with social proof. For example, include brief testimonials throughout your entire sites and the logos of any clients that are especially impressive (below a “Trusted By” header).

3. You Have Retargeting in Place

Just like personalization, every B2B website should have retargeting in place, even if the company has no interest in ever running an ABM campaign. Retargeting has too much potential to ignore.

That said, if a lead has proven valuable enough that it’s worth running an ABM campaign to convert them, you definitely want retargeting set up on your site in case they visit. Not only will it ensure they are regularly reminded of what your company has to offer – even when they’re not on your site – but it will also give them with more opportunities to interact with your site. Provided it is outfitted with personalization, that could be a massive advantage.

4. You’re Able to Track Your ABM Leads

Those extra visits will be even more helpful if you’re able to track your ABM leads when they stop by your site.

One way to do this is with reverse-IP-lookups. Numerous different titles exist to help you with this. By tracking what ABM leads are doing on your site, you’ll have an easier time nurturing them further by supporting their interests.

Another option for tracking them is with UTM codes. In short, you add them to the end of a URL. Then, send the URL to your lead. Obviously, you want to make sure the URL is for content on your site that is relevant to their company.

After that, you can then use Google Analytics to watch where your lead visited once they were on your website.

Again, while tracking all traffic is a good way to improve your site, you want to track the specific lead for your ABM campaign, so you can better tailor your future engagements with them.

The Easiest Ways to Generate a Lead for Your Next ABM Campaign

Of course, even if your website is ready for an ABM campaign, you can’t launch one until you have a lead.

At Hushly, we’ve pioneered one of the easiest ways to constantly keep your lead-nurturing funnel full. Just by adding our platform to your current site – and doing nothing else – we guarantee that your lead-gen and ABM conversions will increase by at least 51%.

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