It goes without saying that marketing your B2B company is important. Without investing the necessary time and money into a sound marketing plan, you’re simply hoping other companies will find yours on their own.

That’s quite the risk to take.

What might be less obvious, though, is the importance of personalization in marketing, which has grown significantly in recent years.

So, if you’re not already leveraging this approach, take a moment to learn about why personalization has become an essential ingredient in any modern marketing plan.

4 Reasons for the Growing Importance of Personalization in Marketing

There is probably no end to the reasons the importance of personalization in marketing has grown by so much in recent years. However, if you’re on the fence about whether or not your marketing campaigns need the help of personalization, here are four benefits to consider.

1. Content Is Still King

Content marketing is still effective, especially for B2B businesses, which tend to see much longer buyers’ journeys. This duration is a lot easier to tackle for companies that fill their lead-generation campaigns with lots of valuable content.

However, as more companies recognize the importance of personalization in marketing, content has become hyper-specific to the individual. That means that, while content is still king, it only holds the throne when it leverages personalization.

B2B companies that take an account-based marketing approach have long known this. They create content for specific prospects. This is about as personalized as it gets, but that’s not the same route every B2B organization needs to take.

At the very least, you should tag each new post based on the buyer personas it will appeal to most and then recommend that content any time a recognized prospect visits your page.

2. Personalization Platforms Provide Valuable Insights

One of the most overlooked benefits of using a personalization platform is what it will tell you about your market. After all, part of its job is understanding what kind of experience to provide them based on the unique behaviors they have exhibited in the past.

So, while the importance of personalization in marketing is often associated with how it helps your company with external efforts, it will also do plenty for better engaging your market to begin with. For example, by learning what a certain segment wants from the content on your site, you can revise the messaging you use on social media and PPC ads to grab their attention.

3. Email Personalization Has Become the Standard

Email marketing still offers one of the highest ROIs across all options. However, that ROI is much higher when personalization is used.

Maybe one of the best examples of this – and, thus, the importance of personalization in marketing for every company – comes from HubSpot. This B2B business is well-known for their success with digital marketing, especially where email outreach is concerned.

Yet, even HubSpot saw a significant boost to their conversions when they leveraged personalization with their email marketing. They went from a CTR of 0.73 to one of 0.96% just by sending their emails from a real person – a relatively small personal touch.

Nonetheless, this was enough to give HubSpot 292 new clicks, which – based on their average CTR – should mean 131 new leads for the company.

Again, the change HubSpot made for their A/B test wasn’t a massive one. This is why more and more companies are following their lead: making one small change to see big results. This is also why this kind of personalization has become the standard for B2B email campaigns.

4. Personalization Can Be Used to Address Each B2B Buyer

One reason content marketing is often so difficult for B2B companies is because they have to focus their efforts on numerous buyers. On average, 6.8 people make buying decisions at a B2B business.

While creating content for different buyer personas can help, utilizing personalization to show the right type to the right visitor is vital. Otherwise, you’re likely to see low-engagement rates simply because the intended audience isn’t seeing your content.

Understanding the Importance of Personalization in Marketing

The importance of personalization in marketing is only growing, which is why, if you haven’t adopted this strategy yet, it’s important you begin to before it’s too late.

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Once you have that information, you can begin sending personalized emails and recommending further content based on their unique needs.

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