Effective lead generation techniques have changed a lot even in just the past five years. Building a simple funnel and hoping SEO will attract the leads you need is no longer a realistic strategy.

Instead, you need to update your arsenal with what works best today.

3 Effective Lead Generation Techniques for Your B2B Company

Although there is a long list of effective lead generation techniques that have been successful across different industries, the three below will work no matter what field of B2B your company operates in.

1. Use Social Shares to Build Your Email List

For years, e-commerce gurus and consultants have all used the same simple trick to build massive email lists of followers to leverage whenever they want for any number of different reasons.

Unfortunately, most B2B marketers have never used this method to build their own lists, even though they’ve probably been exposed to it numerous times.

The secret is simple. Which of the following introductions to a newsletter sounds more enticing to you?

  • Sign Up for Our Newsletter
  • Sign Up for Our Newsletter to Receive Weekly Updates About [Industry}
  • Join 5,000+ [Industry Subscribers] by Joining Our Email List

The first one is clearly the least-enticing. Do you feel any excitement about the prospect of joining that list?

The second one is a little better. It at least gives someinsight into what the list will be covering, but it was probably also safe to assume that topic would be the focus anyway.

With the third option, you’re leveraging the power of social proof. You’re not just showing a lead that a lot of people already enjoy your newsletter, you’re almost making them feel left out if they don’t join. After all, many of those recipients are probably their competitors.

2. Build a Network of Authority

Another great way to build social proof that can turn into leads is through – no surprise here – social media.

Though it probably doesn’t come as a shock, the truth is that most B2B marketers don’t know how to make the most out of this incredible opportunity.

They may tweet regularly and even respond to comments – which is important – but that’s about it. Unfortunately, with so many of their competitors doing the same thing, that’s also not enough.

Instead, you should also be actively building a network on social media. Reach out to noncompetitors in your market by commenting on their posts and even messaging them to start conversations. Eventually, the goal is to begin partnering with other accounts for social-media campaigns that build authority and attract engagement (similar to using online influencers to do the same).

Another great way to build your network is through backlinks. Most B2B marketers see these solely in terms of SEO potential. Once again, though, the secret is to work with noncompetitors in your market, so you’re constantly posting on each other’s sites.

When you’re consistently doing that and holding conversations on social media, your leads will find it very easy to engage with you.

3. Personalize Your Lead Magnets

Anyone in B2B marketing knows that HubSpot is usually at the forefront when it comes to the most effective lead generation techniques.

However, they still seemed to outdo themselves when they introduced their Website Grader tool. This was no ordinary lead magnet. It asked for leads’ email addresses as part of running a test on their website’s effectiveness. Once Website Grader had compiled its results, it would email the lead its findings.

This kind of interactive tool is fantastic for generating leads because it utilizes personalization. The content provided is 100% unique to the lead.

Now, obviously, creating that kind of lead magnet is probably not something your B2B company can do every week. That’s fine. You don’t need to create them with the same regularity as blog posts. Instead, spend the time building one, highly-interactive lead magnet that will benefit your prospects so much that they can’t wait to provide you with their information.

Then, you can use your regular blog posts to drive traffic to that lead magnet to keep your lead-nurturing funnel full.

One of the MostEffective Lead Generation Techniques

At Hushly, we are always keeping our eye on new, developing, and, most importantly, effective lead generation techniques.

Of course, we are also very proud to offer one of the best solutions out there. While the techniques above are extremely effective, our platform will begin working the moment you install it. Contact us to schedule a demo and see for yourself.

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