Information is power.

In many cases, the more information you have, the more control you have over a situation.

Planting a dozen different seeds in the same garden with the same sunlight and water will not yield the same results. Each seed is unique. Once you understand the subtle differences, you can adjust the shade, fertilizer, and watering schedule for each seed’s unique needs. This gives you more control over the seed and increases its chance of growing into a healthy plant that yields consistent fruit.

Lead enrichment provides the information you need about your leads to adjust your marketing strategy around each lead’s unique needs. Personalizing your marketing gives you more control over the user’s journey. You can craft a more relevant, engaging journey and connect your audience with the solutions they need most.

What Is Lead Enrichment?

To enrich an object is to add to its value and quality. When you enrich leads, you add data to them, increasing their quality and value to your marketing team.

The lead enrichment process includes gathering, organizing, analyzing, and using lead data. That data helps sales and marketing teams more accurately market and sell to the lead.

For example, Mary is a decision-maker, and your cybersecurity organization would like to connect with her. She filled out a lead form and is now in your database. Your data collection tools pick up her website browsing history. She’s only reading articles on network security. That additional data on her interests adds value to that lead and allows you to put Mary into an email campaign promoting your network security solutions. Because she receives more relevant information than a generic lead nurturing campaign, she can make a more informed decision when buying your product.

About 87% of marketers say data is their most underused resource. Businesses that use data to drive their strategies also see five to eight times as high ROI as those that don’t. A data-driven approach for lead generation and conversion begins with lead enrichment, providing you with a complete profile of your audience before you dive head-first into lead nurturing and conversion.

5 Ways Lead Enrichment Tools Help You

Here are five ways a lead enrichment tool can help you build data-driven lead generation, nurturing, and conversion strategies.

Benefits of lead enrichment

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1. Qualify Leads More Accurately

The internet is like a six-lane highway with thousands of visitors traveling back and forth. Your website is just one of a couple dozen exits along the highway. Anyone flying down the road can take that exit. You don’t know if they came looking for you, came to see what was down your exit, or accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up on your website.

Lead qualification is a data-driven strategy for sorting and focusing on the highest quality leads rather than throwing resources at every lead that lands in your customer relationship management (CRM) database. It helps you identify which visitors are potential leads. Then, it enables you to understand where each lead is in the buyer’s journey so that you can provide the most relevant information at the right time. It also helps you know just when it’s time for the sales team to jump in and close the sale.

Lead qualification relies on real-time data enrichment. That data you collect and add to each lead’s contact card is what you use to understand what your buyers want and when they need it for a more buyer-centric process. It helps you get your timing right, so you don’t miss an opportunity to connect and convert interested buyers.

Lead data enrichment tools can automate that process. As you collect additional data from lead interactions, forms, and activity, your lead enrichment tools can automatically move leads to the correct department for the next lead nurturing or conversion stage.

2. Increase Your Sales

On average, 89% of marketers saw a positive ROI from personalized marketing campaigns. The more data you have on your leads, the more personalized you can make your campaigns.

Lead enrichment tools help you add data to each lead to segment them more accurately. Your lead segments are groups with similar interests, demographics, firmographics, or positions in the sale funnel. Each segment receives a personalized campaign.

For example, a lead who often reads articles on data security may be interested in data security software. The lead enrichment tools Hushly offers identify these patterns and update your lead information with that data to help you boost your personalization efforts, leading to a higher conversion rate because you’re matching the right buyers with the right products.

3. Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

Not every lead will need a five-email nurturing campaign, product trial, and personal sales phone call before they buy. Each sales cycle takes a unique journey. Some leads may be ready to buy when they fill in your contact form, while others don’t even know what products they need.

Lead enrichment helps you speed up the sales cycle by moving leads according to their expressed interest and intent. The more interested a lead appears, the further along they move in the sales cycle, allowing you to jump to the next stage in nurturing and conversion.

Lead data enrichment also gives you a deeper understanding of what your leads need. Sometimes, even the lead doesn’t know what they need when they first approach your business. Gathering data from interactions, email engagement, and website activity helps you understand what they need, so you can speed up the educational stage by providing relevant, value-packed information so they can proceed to the next stage in the buyer’s journey.

4. Collect and Organize More Relevant Data

Wrong and missing data can undo days of effort in lead conversion. Imagine working countless hours on an account just to miss out on a sale because you have been promoting a product that doesn’t apply to that business.

Lead enrichment fills in any gaps in your lead data. It focuses on critical information such as:

  • Names
  • Contact information
  • Roles within a company
  • Industry
  • Decision-making power
  • Budget
  • Company size
  • Behavioral information

Leads that fill in a contact form on your website only briefly show who they are. That information can change as people leave jobs, needs change, and companies grow.

Hushly sees contact forms as just the gateway to lead enrichment. It provides the groundwork information that lead enrichment builds upon for a more accurate, real-time picture of your lead.

For instance, lead behavior and feedback can fill in changing needs and interests.

5. Integrates with Marketing Systems

Lead enrichment is a strategy that works alongside other strategies. It’s not a silo but rather just another way to build a data-driven strategy across your marketing campaigns.

You need lead enrichment tools compatible with your other software and tools to support this seamless integration.

Hushly integrates with popular marketing automation and CRM systems such as HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce. This allows marketers to combine lead enrichment data within their existing workflows and systems.

Lead Enrichment Tools You Can Count On

Hushly’s lead enrichment tools integrate into your website and other software to combine all your touchpoints into one. Through Hushly, you can track leads in real time, adding crucial information to their contact cards in your database. Through our real-time insights, you can hyper-personalize your marketing campaigns using a modern data-driven strategy.

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