How many products do you own that also come with add-ons? Your car, for instance, has several glow-up possibilities. You can change its tires, add top storage, switch out the radio, and perform countless other upgrades so it remains compatible with all your life changes and needs.

When you create account-based marketing (ABM) strategies, you should build them just as flexibly. They should be easily scaled and adjusted as your business grows so you never find yourself stalemated due to a lack of resources.

To support growth, you need to find account-based marketing software that can grow with you.

Take a look at how to use flexible ABM tools to build your scalable account-based marketing strategy.

What Does a Scalable Account-Based Marketing Strategy Look Like?

What differentiates a scalable ABM strategy from a non-scalable strategy?

The difference is similar to the difference between a ribbon and elastic. You can stretch a ribbon only as far as the ribbon’s length. It will begin fraying at the seams and eventually ripping if you continue pulling.

An elastic will stretch its entire length, then continue stretching while remaining sturdy.

If your strategies have an identifiable end, they most likely aren’t scalable.

For example, if you manually respond to emails, you’re limited to the number of people you hire and hours in your day. However, if you incorporate automated marketing email responses, you have no limit because automation can respond to ten or ten thousand emails with the same software and time.

Scalable strategies will allow your company to transition and grow smoothly. With as many curve balls as today’s world throws, you’ll need an adaptable company that moves with those changes and can seize new opportunities without needing years of preparation for expansion.

ABM steps Hushly automates for a scalable ABM strategy

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7 Ways to Use Account-Based Marketing Software to Prepare for Growth

At the core of scalable growth is technology. Technology allows you to move beyond human limitations, building on your human workforce so they can accomplish more with the same time and resources.

About 76% of marketers use automation, and they automate at least 10% of the customer journey on average.

Here’s a look at how account-based marketing tools help your human workforce become a scalable powerhouse.

1. Data-Driven Segmentation and Connections

You never have to walk into a sales cycle blind again.

Account-based marketing software can gather comprehensive data about your target accounts, new markets, and potential opportunities. It’s how you identify new accounts, ensure they meet your criteria, and discover their needs.

Marketers who use automation saw their lead quality increase by 80%.

You can use that data to segment your accounts based on their industry, company size, engagement level, and decision-making role. Then, use that data to personalize your marketing to each niche segment.

Through data-driven segmentation and personalization, you remove the guesswork stage and can jump right into offering customized solutions. Because data gathering occurs automatically, you can repeat this process for every account, allowing endless opportunities to hyper-personalize your ABM strategies.

2. Personalized Content Delivery

Personalization sets account-based marketing apart from traditional marketing.

With traditional marketing, you create content for one audience or several large groups with one or two similarities. When you switch to account-based marketing, you work one-on-one or one-to-few to deliver a hyper-personalized experience.

Your goal isn’t just to sell a product. It’s to build a lasting relationship that leads to continued loyalty and a high customer lifetime value. That customer lifetime value offsets all the costs that brought you to the point of sale.

However, that level of personalization has limits when you’re working manually or with limited automation.

Through automation, You allow AI to personalize experiences endlessly with minimal human intervention.

For instance, Hushly’s personalized content hub builds categories and recommendations of value-packed content based on each visitor’s behavior and identity for endless personalization opportunities.

3. Account-Level Engagement Tracking

Traditional marketing often feels like throwing a boomerang. You toss out a strategy, and home it returns. Account-based marketing should have a much less risky process. You want to walk alongside the accounts every step of their sales cycle and jump in at any sign of lost interest.

Tracking account activity, such as downloads, email open rates, and signups will inform you of the account’s changing interests and needs.

Working with account-based marketing software tools like Hushly’s advanced analytics allows you to automatically collect and analyze endless data. Our software encourages content browsing and digital interactions to maximize the data you collect from each account.

For instance, our microforms are easy for decision-makers to fill out and allow those visitors to view multiple customized recommendations without re-entering their information.

4. Lead Nurturing

B2B lead nurturing requires a higher playing field than traditional marketing because this is where you put in the most effort to craft a loyal relationship with the account.

However, connecting with dozens of accounts can limit your personalization efforts, which limits your ABM strategies.

Adding in account-based marketing software removes those barriers.

Hushly’s ABM tools help marketers enrich leads with real-time data they collect as those leads browse your online content. It also automates workflows, keeping the account’s journey moving forward.

AI helps marketers tailor every outreach and nurturing effort without compromising quality. It uses what you created once and builds on that to develop countless personalized experiences.

5. Lead Qualification and Routing

Automating lead qualification moves leads through the sales cycle much faster, allowing you to take on many accounts as your business grows.

Hushly’s automation supports scaled lead-scoring workflows. Through lead scoring, each action your target account takes receives a score. Actions such as opening emails, signing up for software demos, and contacting customer service are positive. Deleting emails and inactivity are all negative points. When customers reach a point benchmark, they move to the next sales cycle stage.

With automated lead qualification, you set up automated emails for each stage and notifications to the appropriate teams when it’s time for personal outreach. This automation limits manual involvement, which increases your growth opportunity.

6. Lead Enrichment

Automated lead enrichment fills in data gaps as leads move through their sales cycle. It helps you keep your accounts updated with each lead’s latest activities so you can always stay on top of their needs with personalized solutions.

Automated lead enrichment can work with countless accounts, so each contact is packed with valuable information your sales team pulls from when the lead is ready for conversion. This improves your conversion rate without requiring additional time and effort.

7. Continuous Optimization

You’re constantly changing, and so are your accounts. Your ABM strategies should change with you to remain scalable without compromising their results. The best account-based marketing software will also be the most flexible software that can change with the times.

Continual optimization tests strategies and identifies what’s working and where you need to adjust your efforts.

Hushly’s ABM tools include continuous optimization options. For instance, A/B testing, machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics help marketers refine their targeting, messaging, and content delivery. You use a combination of AI and small segment testing to identify your most effective strategies, so you can focus your energies where you’ll make the most impact.

Open the Door to Growth Using Account-Based Marketing Software

Are your account-based marketing strategies holding you back from your full growth potential?

Account-based software is the key to new opportunities. Through AI, machine learning, and automation, you can expand your team’s efforts and adjust as your target accounts’ needs change.

Hushly’s AI-driven account-based marketing software will help your company finally realize its growth goals with a fraction of the growing pains.

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