While generating leads is essential, it’s just one small piece of the puzzle.

Are your B2B leads a good fit for your product or service?

Which competitors are they considering?

What’s their job role and which problems do they face every day?

Without the right B2B lead generation services, you’ll never be able to nurture them at the right time with valuable content. Fortunately, technology has made lead generation easier than ever, but you still need to know how to use it, and part of that is picking the right services.

Personalization: What’s the Big Deal?

Before jumping into the services below, it’s important to point out that personalization is the lynchpin of your success in every lead generation strategy.

Personalization is everywhere: Amazon shopping lists, Netflix suggestions, Facebook feeds, Spotify playlists. Your B2B buyer’s expectation for high-level automation and personalization doesn’t vanish as soon as she sits down at her desk.

65% of B2B buyers say that they would switch brands if a company didn’t personalize its communications. That means if you aren’t personalizing your content, you’re losing potentially more than half of your leads and current customers.

5 Important B2B Lead Generation Services You Need in Your Arsenal

When you incorporate high-level personalization into the B2B lead generation services below, amazing things start happening.

1. An Abandonment Strategy

First, you need to figure out why people are leaving your website. In most cases, you’ll want to improve your user experience.

Click-fatigue is a real thing, and it doesn’t disappear in the B2B world. If visitors have to click through multiple links and fill out forms to access information on your website, they’re going to get tired and leave.

By optimizing your website for user experience, you can slash abandonments. Remember that you have a biased view of your own website, so it’s best to leave this in the hands of professionals.

2. Integrated Retargeting Campaigns

In B2B where the buying process is much longer and higher-stakes, you need a solid retargeting strategy for each lead (and even current clients) at every stage of the cycle.

A sponsored Facebook post for brand awareness here. An educational LinkedIn post there.

Strategically placed and personalized retargeting campaigns can do wonders for keeping your brand on the mind of leads and maintaining loyalty with current clients.

3. Content Bingeing

Let’s get real. We all love bingeing content. (Yes, Netflix, I AM still watching The Office.)

Well, your B2B buyers are human, too. Now, they probably won’t spend an entire Saturday afternoon bingeing content on your website – but shouldn’t you at least give them the option?

Content bingeing and self-nurturing landing pages don’t just allow visitors to “stream” indefinite content; they also let your leads conduct their own research at their own pace.

It’s a myth that attention spans have grown shorter. People will spend plenty of time consuming content they find interesting – when it’s readily accessible.

4. Human Lead Verification

Of all the B2B lead generation services here, this one may just be the most important because it ensures that 1. you’re only contacting high-quality leads and 2. you’re building strategies with high-quality data.

Have you heard of the hidden sales cycle? It happens when website visitors provide false information on forms to access downloadable or gated content.

Do you see where we’re going with this? As it builds up, this fake information can really throw off your data analytics and personalization strategies.

You can easily avoid this with rigorous human lead verification techniques.

5. Comprehensive Data Analysis

You have access to limitless data about your leads and clients – so why not use it properly?

A majority of B2C marketers say they struggle to leverage their data across different platforms in any meaningful way, and it’s safe to say that most B2Bs are in the same boat.

Truthfully, it’s not easy, but it’s also not impossible. How can you track the effects of brand awareness campaigns on social media and combine that with data from website conversions?

Understanding your data is the key to making educated decisions about your marketing campaigns, lead nurturing experience, website user interface, how to maintain clients, and so much more.

Start Personalizing Your Experience Today

To generate leads and eventually convert them into customers, you need a data and personalization strategy. Choosing the right B2B lead generation services and customizing them to meet your specific needs will help you skyrocket those conversions.

Hushly can help you improve lead conversion by 51% – and fast – through high-level personalization.

Find out how. See it in action to get started today!

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