You spend a ton of time, energy, and resources developing your content marketing strategy.

According to research from Content Marketing Institute, the average B2B spends an average of $185k per year on various aspects of content marketing.

Not only that, but nearly half of all B2Bs expect their content budget to increase in the coming year.

Content Marketing Institute

The question then becomes, how can you make your content marketing strategy deliver results? How can you outpace your competitors to win over leads and maintain customers?

Artificial intelligence solutions can help you squeeze the most return out of your content marketing and bring your goals to life.

artificial intelligence solutions

Why Choose AI-Based Solutions for Content Marketing?

Simply put, AI-based solutions can help you deliver content more efficiently and effectively than humans can manually.

Research from Content Marketing Institute shows the average B2B creates content for four different audiences. Distributing the said content to the right person at the perfect time is a massive challenge with plenty of setbacks.

Content Marketing Institute

Artificial intelligence solutions use behavioral data and machine learning to study your visitors and improve how everyone receives a unique content experience.

Instead of presenting every visitor with the same home page blog and forcing them to scroll backward looking through your content, artificial intelligence gives them a personalized experience based on their interests, stage of the buying cycle, and the behavior of similar past visitors.

How? Well, like Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify, artificial intelligence uses different algorithms specially designed to guide visitors through the sales process. Here are a few of the algorithms:

  • Content similarity models: The algorithm recommends similar pieces of content based on what a visitor already consumed.
  • Collaborative filtering models: The algorithm recommends pieces of content similar to what other visitors who viewed the same content clicked next.
  • Session-based similarity models: The algorithm recommends pieces of content based on earlier visitors with a similar browsing behavior.
  • Popularity models: The algorithm recommends the most popular pieces of content for distinct categories.

5 Artificial Intelligence Solutions to Personalize Your B2B Content Marketing for Every Visitor

About 18% of B2Bs have already adapted artificial intelligence solutions into their content marketing strategy to personalize experiences and boost account-based marketing results. Here are a few ways you can take advantage of AI-based solutions today.

1. Adaptive Content Hubs

When you visit an average blog, imagine how you consume the content. You probably arrive at the blog from a Google search or social media post. When you finish reading, you either click one of the suggested posts, go to the homepage to see what the company is about, or leave.

This strategy is outdated because it puts the burden on the visitor to find the content they want or need. Many times, the visitor doesn’t even know you have amazing content on your site they’ll love!

That’s why it’s up to marketers to take advantage of AI-based solutions to distribute content from their blog.

An adaptive content hub organizes content by broad categories. However, it also uses AI-powered machine learning to study the behavior of every visitor and offer personalized content recommendations.

2. Self-Nurturing Landing Pages with Content Bingeing

There’s a good reason most B2B landing pages suffer from dismal conversion rates around 1%: Most leads are NOT ready to buy right away.

It doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t a good fit for your brand. They’re just not in the best place to commit right now.

With self-nurturing landing pages, the conversation doesn’t end at the bottom of the landing page. Instead, a self-nurturing landing page uses artificial intelligence solutions to recommend the best piece of content to guide every lead towards a purchase.

3. Boosting Account-Based Marketing Efforts

Account-based marketing has skyrocketed over the past five years due to more accessible technology. Now, 92% of B2Bs say ABM is a “must-have.”

Artificial intelligence solutions have made it possible for marketers to sort through data more efficiently to create and distribute the right type of content for every ABM lead.

With AI-based solutions, you don’t have to track down company names and follow up with relevant content because the algorithms control everything on your website.

You can also go back through your analytics to look for patterns to create future content for your ABM strategy.

4. Effective Lead Verification

Bad data is truly the silent killer behind most B2B data-driven personalization strategies. One study found 40% of all B2B leads contained missing fields, duplicate entries, invalid contact information, and other critical issues.

Incorrect data is expensive because it throws off your entire marketing strategy. An estimated 40% of business objectives fail due to bad intel.

You can’t segment your audience, create relevant content, and run effective retargeting campaigns if all your intel is thrown off.

Artificial intelligence offers a solution because it nips the problem in the bud.

Instead of forcing leads to fill out an intrusive form, they provide a business email address – that’s it! AI then takes over and cross-references their email with public information on LinkedIn to build detailed lead profiles that can update themselves. In other words, you’ll always be referencing the most accurate and relevant data.

5. Interesting Exit-Intent Popups

Despite their widespread use, most exit-intent popups are not effective because they all include forms.

No one wants to fill out a form as they try to leave your website. You’ll have much more success if you replace your forms with AI-driven personalized content recommendations.

Catch people as they try to leave with incredible content. These exit-intent popups first reduce bounce rates. However, they also continue guiding visitors down the sales funnel before they leave the site. It’s a win-win.

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artificial intelligence solutions
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