These days, just about everyone on the planet owns a mobile device. Your B2B leads certainly do. Many of them may even have more than one that they use every single day.

These aren’t trivial details.

B2B buyers are using their mobile devices to learn more about their options and shape their purchasing decisions. If you don’t understand how B2B mobile marketing works, you run a very good chance of alienating potential leads if you’re even lucky enough to grab their attention in the first place.

3 B2B Mobile Marketing Tips Your Company Can’t Afford to Be Without

By now, it should be clear that your B2B company’s website needs to be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, leads will hate it and Google won’t even bother showing it in search results.

However, your B2B mobile marketing efforts need to reach far beyond that one simple change. If you want to generate as many qualified leads as possible, you also need to implement the following three tips.

1. Create Lots of Content and Spread It Around

B2B mobile marketing has made creating high-quality content more important than ever. It also requires companies to ensure their content is easy to find on their website but also on social media and other industry sites, too. Mobile B2B buyers are able to jump around the Internet with ease. B2B companies need to adapt.

Consider the following quotes from Boston Consulting Group’s How Digital Leaders Are Transforming B2B Marketing:

  • “More than three-quarters of all B2B purchases today, including both small businesses and enterprise customers, have only limited interaction with salespeople.”
  • “…they increasingly use mobile phones to get that information, particularly through search and social media.”
  • “Half of all customers today expect a supplier’s website to be a helpful channel, and more than one-third expect the site to be their most helpful channel”

If your site doesn’t offer helpful content, you risk losing 50% of leads who visit it. Of course, you may not even see those mobile leads if you’re not showing up in search engines and on social media.

2. Invest in Video Content

Video is especially powerful for B2B mobile marketing, so as you scale up your content creation, consider adding it to your mix.

When Cisco measured traffic levels back in 2016, the company found that video accounted for 60% of all mobile traffic. It’s not hard to imagine why. Again, the popularity of video marketing has been steadily growing for years now. On mobile devices, videos are often much easier to watch than text is to read.

That being said, video is obviously not a new channel, so it’s not a case where “something is better than nothing.” Your leads expect high-quality videos, both in terms of production value and the information they offer.

Try to keep your videos to two minutes, as well. People are often watching them on the go and won’t have time for anything much longer. If you have to go over by a lot, create two videos or even consider a series of them.

3. Use Email Campaigns to Continue the Conversation Toward Conversion

Even the majority of today’s empowered B2B buyers aren’t going to think of making purchases through their phones. Their interaction with salespeople may be limited, but that doesn’t mean it’s now completely nonexistent.

Furthermore, an average of 6.8 people are involved in B2B buying decisions. So, while plenty of high-quality content – including videos – is more important than ever for grabbing interest, make sure you also have a plan to grab leads’ email addresses.

This will give you an opportunity for further touchpoints in the future, ideally when your lead is in the office, around the other decisionmakers, and in a position where they could make a purchase if you convert them.

The way you do this is with lead magnets and mobile-friendly opt-in forms. Then, it’s up to your email marketing campaign to nurture those companies into conversions.

How to Increase the Conversions from Your B2B Mobile Marketing

As you can see, adapting to the demands of B2B mobile marketing shouldn’t be too difficult. However, it is something your business needs to do ASAP. Otherwise, think of how many leads you’re handing over to competitors.

Fortunately, if you put in the effort to attract leads on mobile devices, we can help you convert them. At Hushly, our platform has already shown clients conversion rates that increased by more than 50% while cutting their cost-per-lead by a third.

Better still, our platform doesn’t require you to change your current site and it’s mobile-friendly. Contact us today and we’ll show you exactly how it works. Feel free to download our ebook: How To Solve Mobile Conversions in B2B

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