The Increasing Importance of Personalization in Marketing for B2B Companies

2019 promises to be another exciting year for B2B companies – at least those that understand the trends that will affect this field. Specifically, marketers need to be aware of how personalization will continue to find new adopters, leaving behind companies that remain committed to their static websites. If you’re not completely sold on the […]

The Importance of Personalization in Marketing Has Become Too Great to Ignore

importance of personalization in marketing as shown in this image showing the happy faces of different types of people browsing their mobile phones

It goes without saying that marketing your B2B company is important. Without investing the necessary time and money into a sound marketing plan, you’re simply hoping other companies will find yours on their own. That’s quite the risk to take. What might be less obvious, though, is the importance of personalization in marketing, which has […]