6 Ways to Use B2B Intent Data to Boost More Revenue

B2B intent data

B2B intent data isn’t necessarily new, but it has become more accessible over the past few years. As more and more B2Bs catch onto the idea that personalization is vital for generating leads, converting leads into customers, and retaining clients, the importance of intent data grows. In fact, up to 85% of buyers say they’ll […]

How to Choose B2B Marketing Tools for Personalization

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If you’re like most B2Bs, you know that personalization is critical for attracting leads and closing sales, but you aren’t sure which tools you need to complete the task. Which B2B marketing tools are worth the money and which ones will just bloat your budget? If a tool doesn’t help you collect and access relevant […]

4 Sales Lead Management Strategies Every B2B Needs

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Managing a handful of leads is easy. You can see where they came from, understand their needs, and evaluate your tactics to collect information and hone your skills. Once your business grows, however, things get a little more complicated. Without a comprehensive sales lead management strategy, things start falling through the cracks and your data […]

What is Intent Data? Why You Need Information to Fuel Your B2B Strategy

What is Intent Data?

“What are your intentions with my daughter?” As a sitcom joke, this line is obviously outdated – but think about it from a B2B marketing perspective. “What are your intentions with my website?” When someone visits your website, wouldn’t it be great to know exactly why they’re there? Specifically, wouldn’t you love to know which […]

How to Use Content to Lower Your Cost of Leads

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Launching a lead generation strategy can be exciting, but there’s no better feeling than when it pays off and your B2B company actually has the number of leads it needs to be successful. Sadly, for many marketers, this ecstasy is short-lived when they find out what their average cost-for-leads is. It becomes clear that, if […]

How Intent Data Will Improve Your B2B Online Marketing Results

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How well do you know your market? One of the easiest ways to measure this is by looking at the results of your B2B online marketing efforts. It stands to reason that, the better you know your market, the more leads you’re able to attract and convert. So, if you’re not currently seeing the numbers […]