MQL vs. SQL: What’s the Difference?

MQL vs. SQL: What’s the Difference?

Jumping to the last page of a book isn’t as impactful as when you have a chance to read the character exposition, plot buildup, and the epic final battle. The same is true for converting your leads. If you skip to the conversion without the buildup, your leads may not respond to your sales pitch […]

Lead Generation Best Practices: How to Lead with Content, Not the Form

Lead Generation Best Practices

At Hushly, we have a phrase, “Lead with content, not the form.” This model has skyrocketed our lead generation numbers through the roof. We built our content-first approach on the idea that we should invest in our visitors before expecting them to invest in us. Our customers are, after all, the center of our business. […]

Stop Losing Leads: How to Retarget Website Visitors

Stop Losing Leads: How to Retarget Website Visitors

Generating leads is like collecting seashells at the beach. When the water recedes, you can see dozens of shimmering shells. But before you can collect them, the next wave comes in, returning them to the sea. You’re left with a few stragglers caught in the sand. Not all visitors to your website stay. And when […]

Hushly vs. Traditional Lead Generation Methods: A Comparison of B2B Lead Generation Tools

Hushly vs. Traditional Lead Generation Methods: A Comparison of B2B Lead Generation Tools

Traditional lead generation tools focus on offline strategies, while modern techniques have incorporated digital tools. Lead generation is transitioning even within digital lead generation methods, transitioning from manual and outdated practices to AI-powered processes to streamline lead generation. Explore six traditional lead generation methods, their pros and cons, and how B2B lead generation tools have […]

The Future of Lead Generation for Technology Companies

The Future of Lead Generation for Technology Companies

Lead generation for technology companies is changing as artificial intelligence increases the ways to connect with new customers. Customer behaviors are also changing as they expect more personalized experiences. How can you use the latest technology to stand out to your website visitors and convert them into quality B2B leads? Learn how lead generation is […]

Why a B2B Lead Generation Agency Is Essential in the Digital Age

Why a B2B Lead Generation Agency is Essential in the Digital Age

Your company is growing, and you’re struggling to scale your marketing strategies along with your growth. Don’t let your in-house capabilities keep you from reaching your desired growth. Using a B2B lead generation agency with industry-leading tools can help you stay ahead of your competition in a digital age. Learn seven ways that Hushly’s B2B […]

What is Interactive Marketing? Does Every B2B REALLY Need It?

What is Interactive Marketing?

If you didn’t have enough B2B marketing buzzwords to worry about, get ready for one more: interactive marketing. What is interactive marketing exactly? Well, you’re already familiar with interactive elements thanks to B2C apps, websites, and software you use every day. Amazon, Facebook, Ali Express, and YouTube have all nailed down AI-driven interactive experiences. Think […]

What is Intent Data? Why You Need Information to Fuel Your B2B Strategy

What is Intent Data?

“What are your intentions with my daughter?” As a sitcom joke, this line is obviously outdated – but think about it from a B2B marketing perspective. “What are your intentions with my website?” When someone visits your website, wouldn’t it be great to know exactly why they’re there? Specifically, wouldn’t you love to know which […]

Every B2B Lead Generation Marketing Template Needs Personalization

Lead Generation Marketing Plan Template

Now’s an exciting time to be a B2B marketer. B2C has already had its moment with personalized entertainment and shopping experiences for everything from meal kit delivery to pharmaceuticals. We probably won’t see any more groundbreaking technology emerge from B2C for a while. B2B, however, is ripe for innovation and new strategies. Long gone are […]

How to Use Engagement for Improved B2B Lead Generation

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Effective lead generation techniques have changed a lot even in just the past five years. Building a simple funnel and hoping SEO will attract the leads you need is no longer a realistic strategy. Instead, you need to update your arsenal with what works best today. 3 Effective Lead Generation Techniques for Your B2B Company […]