Lead generation for technology companies is changing as artificial intelligence increases the ways to connect with new customers. Customer behaviors are also changing as they expect more personalized experiences.

How can you use the latest technology to stand out to your website visitors and convert them into quality B2B leads?

Learn how lead generation is changing for technology companies in 2023 and six ways you can use Hushly’s platform to take advantage of those changes to boost your leads generated.

Lead Generation’s Transformation

Lead generation for technology companies has taken on various faces over the years. Most notable, however, was the shift from capturing the right leads to connecting with the right leads.

What’s the difference?

Capturing the right leads focuses on identifying leads that match an algorithm, then adding them to an extensive database, where they become another number.

Connecting with the right leads shifts the focus from numbers to people. While adding leads to your database is still key, you want to connect one-on-one with your B2B leads.

Connection is vital in the digital age, where people face static computers and cookie-cutter messages at every turn. Your company will stand out if it replaces a one-size-fits-all approach with a personalized approach that prioritizes a connection.

Proof of the need for connection comes from lead sources. An astounding 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. In addition, lead nurturing personalization increases conversion chances by 63%.

Artificial intelligence is in the driver’s seat of lead generation and marketing for technology companies. Advances this year, like the growth of ChatGPT since its late 2022 release, compounded the importance of AI in marketing.

Many businesses adopt AI into their marketing strategies because it promises to perform faster, smarter, and more cost-effective than current strategies.

However, AI can be a company’s rise to success or downfall, depending on how they use it. Some companies adopt AI so it can run on autopilot to mass-create lead generation strategies.

That approach is still using the lead capture focus of lead generation. And it doesn’t work anymore. Using AI to mass produce your competitors’ cookie-cutter content will not help companies stand out.

On the other hand, strategic companies are learning how to customize AI so it can create that personalized experience users crave.

Personalized AI uses its analytic skills to understand leads, then offers customized options and content so customers feel recognized and understood, increasing your chances of conversion.

How Hushly Is Leading the Future of Lead Generation for Technology Companies

Hushly wants to help you use AI to create more personalized content that engages, nurtures, and converts customers through customized experiences.

Here are six ways Hushly’s AI-powered lead generation technology paves the way to the future of lead generation for technology companies.

1. Segment Your Audience More Accurately

Market segmentation is not just helpful but crucial in a connection-driven society. There is no faster way to lose a lead than showing the wrong information at the wrong time. The lead will see your recommendations aren’t relevant and may toss out all your options.

For example, showing a consumer service package to a SaaS business client immediately indicates you don’t know your clients.

Hushly’s AI helps avoid those situations. Our tools make lead scoring and segmentation a breeze. We track and analyze website visitors so you can understand who they are and what they’re interested in. You can also use lead scoring to identify where they are in the buying process.

Through our marketing segmentation tools, you can personalize your messages and content to new B2B leads, increasing the chances of capturing and converting them.

2. Collect More Relevant Lead Information

Forms only provide a snapshot of your B2B leads. It’s enough to send a generic lead nurturing email. However, the future of B2B lead generation for technology companies is personalization. So, to stand out, you’ll need to collect more information on your leads.

Hushly’s smart short forms only require leads to enter basic information like their email and name. With just two form fields, more leads will fill it out. Long forms tend to discourage visitors from filling them out because time is precious, and most B2B clients have busy schedules.

Once a B2B lead fills out their information, Hushly’s platform collects data based on user activity. For instance, the platform tracks what content the lead engages with and the pages they visit. This information tells you what specifically that lead is looking for.

Hushly’s multi-asset browsing experience means leads only need to enter their information once, encouraging them to browse more assets so you have access to more user data.

You can use that information to nurture the new B2B lead with more relevant content and service recommendations than what you might offer based on information in a form.

Image from Hushly

3. Lead with Content

When shoppers walk into a store, they often tell associates they’re “just looking.” Many website visitors are the same way.

When you lead with a form, trying to collect information from the start, you will have a lower conversion rate than generating leads after offering content to your B2B visitor. On average, 76% of marketers generate leads through content.

Content allows visitors to browse and learn more about your business and offerings. They can ascertain whether your technology matches their business’s needs.

Hushly minimizes your bounce rate by offering a personalized browsing experience. When a visitor finishes one blog post, the system recommends related posts and assets rather than just promoting the next blog post in line, ensuring visitors see the most relevant content upfront.

Then, after spending time with content, they see a form to fill in, which they’re more likely to complete since you built trust and a relationship through content first.

4. Connect with Leads Before They Leave

AI acts like the doorperson of your website. It greets people when they first arrive, guides them to where they want to go, and touches base with them before they leave.

Hushly’s AI can identify signals of visitors leaving the website. It uses popups with personalized content recommendations to attempt to re-engage those visitors. It also offers a form to capture those leads before they go, increasing the number of leads you generate.

5. Provide a Humanized Browsing Experience

Hushly provides that essential personalization from start to finish that humanizes visitor experiences.

When B2B visitors enter your website, they start on a customized landing page adjusted to their unique behaviors and traffic source.

From the landing page, visitors have a customized browsing experience where they can access multiple assets related to previous content they interacted with. Each piece of content taps into human emotion and meets relevant business needs.

Hushly also offers AI-powered interactive content and chats powered by ChatGPT where B2B customers can engage with content and support to answer their questions.

6. Clean Your Lead Data

B2B lead generation also requires a strategy for cleaning that data. Contact information constantly changes as your B2B contacts change roles within their businesses, mergers occur, and information updates.

Cleaning information helps fill in missing data on your B2B clients. It can also identify duplicate contacts and outdated information.

With clean lead generation data, you can ensure your nurturing strategies use the latest, most accurate information for more relevant nurturing campaigns.

Stay Ahead of Lead Generation for Technology Companies

Hushly can help you stay on top of your B2B lead generation for tech industries. We offer a wide range of AI-powered customization tools to help you meet your website visitors where they are with the most relevant information, which boosts your lead generation efforts.

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