Do you have a LinkedIn B2B lead generation strategy in place for your company?

Given LinkedIn’s focus on bringing together professionals from the same industry, the site may represent your best opportunity to connect with prospects in a cost-effective manner.

In fact, it could quickly become your number one source for new leads.

3 LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Strategies for Your B2B Business

Even better, using LinkedIn for B2B lead generation is incredibly easy.

Here are the three best ways to get started at leveraging this site to connect with new prospects.

1. Participate in Discussions as an Opportunity for Outreach

You won’t have to go far on LinkedIn to find groups where active discussions are taking place between your prospects.

If all you do is begin actively participating in these conversations, your LinkedIn B2B lead generation efforts will most likely pay off.

However, that’s only if you understand how to make the most out of LinkedIn Groups. If all you do is jump into these threads and begin promoting your company, you probably aren’t going to see any results. This is not a remotely new tactic, but it’s also not one that ever seems to work.

Instead, take a long-term perspective and focus on being truly helpful. Provide actionable advice and ask nothing for return.

Over time, as people in your industry continue to see your name show up in threads and associate it with beneficial information, you can expect your connections to grow. Best of all, these connections will be people who value your expertise and, thus, are more likely to trust your business.

2. Use Boolean Searches to Track Down Potential Leads

One great way to find the best discussion groups for the above opportunities is with Boolean searches. This is just an easy way to make your Google searches much more specific.

For example, if you wanted to find all accountants who are on LinkedIn and working in Saint Paul or Minneapolis, your Google search would look like this: “accountant” AND “Minneapolis” OR “Saint Paul”

You’ll then be taken to a Google results page that shows you every single person who fits these criteria.

Now, the mistake most B2B professionals make when using this type of search for their LinkedIn B2B lead generation efforts is that they just start spamming the list with connection invites.

Don’t do this.

Instead, start going through this information to find which discussion groups these leads participate in or belong to. That’s where you want to be spending your time. While many of these groups will be obvious choices, you’ll undoubtedly find some surprises, as well.

Also, feel free to continue revising your Boolean searches to make them as specific as possible, ensuring the best possible ROI on this practice.

3. Actively Publish Posts with One Simple CTA

Content marketing is always a smart way to add leads to your funnel.

One major advantage your company has is that LinkedIn will let you publish posts just like you normally would for a blog – something that tends to work much better for B2B businesses. Instead of relying solely on Google to bring your posts traffic, you have an entire social network that’s completely dedicated to connecting professionals.

So, an essential component of your LinkedIn B2B lead generation campaign needs to be just publishing content on a regular basis.

By keeping up with discussion groups related to your industry, you shouldn’t have too much trouble coming up with ideas for these posts, either.

Then, all you need to do after that is add a call-to-action to the end.

While CTAs can direct readers to take all kinds of actions on your site, your goal on a LinkedIn post will always be one thing: to connect with you for more free advice.

That’s it.

Once someone is a connection, your posts will display in their timeline. You’ll also have the opportunity to reach out and begin the conversion process.

However, until they take this one simple step, they’re not really much of a lead.

Make the Right First Impression with LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation

The final step in your LinkedIn B2B lead generation campaign is, whenever you get a new connection, introduce yourself with a formal message and direct the person to your blog.

Take a moment to review their profile and pick a piece that you think would be most relevant to their needs.

Then, use Hushly to secure their contact information, ensuring the rest of your marketing funnel can now do its job.

If you’d like to see how exactly our platform already does this for hundreds of B2B companies, we’d love to offer you a free demo.

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