I thought that moving from Sales to Customer Success was going to be easy.

No more unanswered emails, people bailing out of meetings five minutes before they start while I’m in the lobby signing in at the reception desk, or problems with follow through on the few things they have to take care of in order to achieve the goals they provided me.

I was headed for the easy street, right?


Very wrong.

5 Ways to Increase the ROI on Your B2B Marketing Technology

As it turns out, even though B2B marketing technology is literally designed to support success, it often seems to actually get in the way.

I never blame the customers, though.

The truth is that there are a number of different reasons it can be extremely difficult for companies to fully realize the benefits of the products and services in which they invest.

Many of them have inherited the responsibility of managing a project, piece of technology, or service without having any input in the decision to purchase it.

In many cases, this person is looking to learn and manage dozens of solutions as well as multiple internal stakeholders who have no idea or insight into the business value of this technology. It’s just one more thing on their plate.

Fortunately, I’ve also discovered that it doesn’t need to be this way.

In fact, I’ve come up with a list of five factors you can focus on to ensure that your organization is able to maximize its return on investment in all new technology. Prioritize them, and I think you’ll find they also help to minimize stress and may even lead to a promotion.

1. Align on Expectations

Put together a schedule, clear goals, and KPI’s and clearly define roles and responsibilities on both the customer side, as well as the customer success team on the B2B marketing technology or service vendor’s side.

2. Take Advantage of Your Customer Success Managers

As their titles make clear, Customer Success Managers are there to help you succeed and want to do everything they can to make your life easier.

So, schedule regular meetings with them. Schedule them frequently in the beginning until you become comfortable in using the product and running its reports. Among other things, this will demonstrate its value to other people in your organization.

Never be shy about letting Customer Success Managers know what you need from them, including:

Again, their success depends on your success with their B2B marketing technology. Give them every opportunity to help.

3. Show Off What Your New B2B Marketing Technology Can Do

Organize a big show-and-tell or some type of roadshow for as many people in your organization who are interested in learning about the capabilities and opportunities related to a particular technology.

Even though content and campaign teams may not use the technology, the more they understand the capabilities before planning the content, the more successful everyone will be at getting it to the right audiences and increasing engagement and conversions.

4. Follow the Leaders

Chances are that other companies have already invested in these same platforms and found success using them.

Look at use cases of how the longest term and most successful customers are using this B2B marketing technology. They’ve likely done a lot of learning that you can benefit from without having to go through the same exact process. Ask for examples and connect with the community when possible so that you don’t spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel.

5. Secure an Executive Sponsor

Find at least one Executive sponsor who can make adoption and implementation of the technology much easier.

This could mean removing roadblocks, helping you when you have too many competing priorities, and being there to recognize a job well done once the investment has paid off. That last benefit is extremely important because it will help secure further buy-in from the rest of the staff.

Invest in the Right B2B Marketing Technology for the Best ROIs

Finally, one of the easiest ways to see better ROIs from your B2B marketing technology is simply making better choices about which versions you invest in for your business.

At Hushly, we’re extremely proud of the version we’ve created, specifically because it offers such a concrete ROI. In fact, we’re so confident in the power of our platform that we actually guarantee it will increase your lead-generation and ABM conversions by at least 51%.

Want to see how?

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