Metrics demonstrate the impact your efforts have on your lead generation results. While you may know you’re generating a profit, you don’t know if you’re maximizing your resources for the greatest potential profit or if you’re wasting any resources.

However, tracking metrics is challenging without the proper tools in place.

Learn how Hushly helps you track key lead generation metrics and impact those lead generation metrics to help you reach more marketing goals.

What Is Hushly’s Lead Generation Software?

Hushly’s software is an all-in-one experience and conversion cloud. It tracks visitors from the first touchpoint to conversion through an AI-powered experience while customizing each step along the way. The software uses advanced data-tracking methods to identify your visitors, personalize their experience, export that data to boost your lead nurturing, and ultimately support lead conversion efforts.

The software supports every area of lead generation, including:

  • Custom landing pages
  • Lead generation pop-ups
  • Lead capture forms
  • Customized content suggestions
  • AI search
  • AI chat content
  • Native ads and content syndication
  • Segmented and automated email campaigns

7 Metrics Hushly Software Impacts

How do Hushly’s tools impact lead generation metrics? Explore seven lead generation KPIs and how to use Hushly to meet and exceed your goals.

1. Website Traffic

To increase your chances of generating leads, you must attract the right people to your website, then engage them so they fill out a lead capture form. Analyzing website traffic helps you understand how effective your lead generation efforts are by understanding how traffic moves through your website and what percentage of that traffic fills out lead capture forms.

A few web traffic KPIs Hushly helps you boost include:

  • Time on Page: Keep your readers on pages longer through personalized content suggestions.
  • Click-Through Rate: Encourage a higher click-through rate with customized native ads that display relevant content. When Mindtickle worked with Hushly, it increased to a 50% click-through rate.
  • Bounce Rate: Prevent visitors from quickly bouncing by adding pop-up forms that capture leads before they leave your website and customized content suggestions to keep them engaged. Use retargeting to bring customers back to your website after they initially leave.
  • Average Session Rate: Use AI search, multi-asset browsing, and personalized experiences to increase visitors’ session lengths.

2. Lead Quality

Your total leads generated only provides a snapshot of your strategies’ effectiveness. More important is the number of quality leads. Your quality leads are the ones that matter most because they match your ideal buyer persona and are most likely to convert into buyers.

Hushly boosts the quality of your leads in several ways:

  • Marketing qualified leads: Hushly’s streamlined forms help you filter unqualified leads so you can focus your time and resources on marketing qualified leads that match your buyer’s persona.
  • Sales-qualified leads: Hushly’s data tracking system scores leads so you know when they move from marketing-qualified leads to sales-qualified leads.

Use Hushly’s AI-powered tracking system to monitor leads in every stage of their journey. Know what percentage of your leads are marketing-qualified leads, and track what percentage of marketing-qualified leads turn into sales-qualified leads.

Through Hushly’s advanced tracking system, you can assess what digital experiences are most successful and where leads stop in their journey, so you can resolve any issues and keep your conversion rates high.

For example, TechTarget generated 1,000 high-quality leads in less than five months after integrating Hushly’s software. In addition, it reached 60% of its hard-to-reach accounts.

3. Leads Per Channel

Where do your leads come from?

Tracking what channels produce the highest quality leads helps you understand what content resonates most with your buyers. It also tells you what channels are most successful.

Begin by tracking your primary marketing channels, such as email, website, social media, and paid ads. Then, you can dive deeper and track specific parts of your channels that generate leads. For example, tracking leads from landing pages, blog post forms, and your asset library.

Hushly’s software easily integrates with your system. It tracks leads seamlessly across channels and experiences while collecting data on those leads to help you understand their activity. Hushly’s customized landing pages and native ads provide data for an even greater understanding of what types of content your leads are responding to so you can focus more on what converts.

For instance, Check Point Software generated 92.7% more leads and boosted engagement by 280% when it integrated Hushly into its marketing.

4. Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are one the most important metrics for lead generation to track as it tells you what percentage of leads you generated became a customer. Your conversion rate lets you know whether your investments are paying off.

The average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, but the top 10% of landing pages have a conversion rate higher than 11%.

However, conversion rates can be challenging to track as not all customers walk a straight path between lead generation and purchase. There are many twists and unexpected turns in the modern buyer’s journey. Buyers prefer to examine all their options, follow links to find more information, and engage with multiple content assets before purchasing.

Hushly helps you track your conversions, both small conversions like converting visitors into leads and major conversions like purchasing. The advanced data tracking allows you to follow the journey to understand what content and marketing efforts contributed to a lead’s conversion.

You can also see a higher conversion rate by using Hushly’s platform to offer customized content to help move visitors from leads to customers. Retargeting ads boost your conversion rate further by connecting with leads across other pages.

For example, TechTarget boosted its conversion rate by 300% by switching to Hushly’s short forms, making lead generation simpler.

5. Time-to-Conversion

How long do leads take to buy?

Leads that take too long to buy are also more expensive to nurture due to requiring more touchpoints. They also have a greater chance of losing interest or finding alternative options. Your goal is to streamline the conversion time.

Hushly cuts out unnecessary time in the conversion process by providing all the information visitors need at their fingertips. The AI search, personalized content recommendations, and customized ads all change in real time based on visitor behavior. Every visitor, then, receives an experience leading them through every stage of the sales cycle without needing to leave your website to seek the same answers and content.

Hushly’s simple forms also streamline the conversion process. A simpler form is more convenient, convincing a larger number of leads to fill it out.

6. Cost Per Lead

Calculate your cost per lead by dividing the total amount you spent on leads by the number of leads you generated. The result is the average amount you spend per lead. This KPI helps you calculate whether you’re spending within budget. It also helps you understand if your return is worth the expense.

Hushly helps you cut your cost per lead. Instead of creating dozens of customized pieces of content and spending hours on the customer experience, Hushly performs most of those tasks for you. The AI-powered platform seamlessly customizes each customer’s pages, content, and ads without adding to your overall cost per lead.

You can also use Hushly to automate tasks, further cutting back your cost per lead. The system is easy to use, with no programming experience required.

7. Return on Investment

Return on investment works alongside cost per lead in determining whether your marketing costs are worth the return. ROI subtracts expenses from your gross return to determine how much profit you made from your marketing efforts.

For example, if you invested $2,000 in your marketing and received $10,000 in profits from sales, your ROI would be 500%. However, that calculation is often not that simple. You also need to consider a customer’s lifetime value. Their lifetime value includes future purchases and recommendations that might bring in new customers.

Image from REVE Chat

Hushly helps convert leads into loyal customers. The data helps you understand what content they interacted with so you know which investments contributed to your profits.

When NVIDIA partnered with Hushly, they saw 33x the return for every dollar they spent. They also increased their operational efficiencies.

Boost Your Lead Generation Metrics with Hushly

Are your lead generation performance metrics meeting your goals?

Hushly can help with tracking lead generation and boosting your efforts’ impact. Our system helps monitor customer actions for more accurate KPIs and personalizes the customer experience to boost your conversion rate while lowering acquisition costs.

See the Hushly difference for yourself.

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