Top Of Funnel (TOFU)  Conversion Optimization Software

We are surgically focused on enabling B2B Marketers to provide higher quality engagement with in-market buyers earlier on in their buying journey resulting in the capture of more and human-verified OPT-IN Leads


  • Geoff Rego
    Geoff Rego Co-Founder and CEO

    Geoff has more than 25 years of experience in B2B technology. An entrepreneur at heart, Geoff co-founded Market2Lead, in 2003 without a penny of venture capital and built a wildly successful company delighting customers at billion dollar brands. Oracle acquired Market2Lead in 2010. Prior to Market2Lead, Geoff lead the engineering build-out of the world’s largest insurance lead generation platform InsWeb. InsWeb went public in 1999-Nasdaq(INSW).

  • Vijay K Varma Dendukuri
    Vijay K Varma Dendukuri Co-Founder and VP of Engineering

    Varma has more than 15 years of experience in the entire software development and product development life cycle process. He co-founded Market2Lead and ran the development of the technology that won the hearts of thousands of end-users. Simplifying development practices and creating globally referenced standards remain his lifetime passions.

  • Nancy Nardin
    Nancy Nardin Co-Founder and VP Marketing & Sales

    Nancy founded Smart Selling Tools ( a sales and marketing advisory site with over 30,000 members with a unique lead generation program for software vendors. Nardin is a winner of 4 Top Sales World awards, and has been named to 3 Top Sales Industry Influencer lists. She has 20+ years experience in sales and lead generation. Prior to that, Nardin had leadership roles at leading analyst firms such as Gartner Group and IDC.

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