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The Beginning.

Like all journeys, ours has a beginning. Hushly began with two like-minded leaders from the marketing technology space who saw a need.


When we started Hushly we used 4 guiding principles to solve the abandonment problem for B2B marketers.

First, the solution needs to increase the user experience for a visitor.
Second, it has to be easy to deploy and use for the marketer.
Third, it needs to be agnostic to existing infrastructure and be additive–not a replacement of.
Fourth, it has to deliver quality, which in this case is a verified business lead with an enriched business profile.

The path.

While we were solving the abandonment challenges for marketers, our clients were still struggling with a myriad of other issues. We listened and evolved our solutions.

The journey.

We believe that we must always be innovating and offering our customers the solutions that they need to scale and grow in an ever-changing, fast-paced market. Experience the journey with us.

The Leadership Team.

Geoff Rego

Chief Growth Orchestrator

Varma Dendukuri

Co-founder & CTO
James Kessinger

James Kessinger


Arif Khan

Vice President, Data Science

Quickly Implement.
Easily Integrate.
Activate Buyers.
Attribute Results.

The Hushly solutions are simple to implement. No developers required to integrate and get up and running quickly. And the best part? We’ll help you drive revenue and measure results!