With 2019 right around corner, it’s time to hurry up and decide on some New Year’s resolutions if you haven’t already.

In particular, it’s a good time to think about what you want this next year to look like for your B2B business.

While everyone will have some unique goals, chances are that all of us would like to enter 2020 after completing a banner year with greater profits than ever before.

If that sounds like the kind of 2019 you have in mind, it’s important that you understand what your lead generation marketing strategy needs to look like in order to succeed.

What Successful Lead Generation Marketing Requires in 2019

2019 is going to be a dynamic year. A lot of companies that have become comfortable with their lead generation marketing approach are going to find themselves overtaken by competitors that evolve.

To be one of the companies that closes out the next year on a high note, here are three practices you’ll need to adopt to generate leads.

1. You Need to Post on Popular Websites

At the heart of every good content marketing strategy is an effective blog. Most B2B companies understand they need one to attract traffic, engage prospects, and move leads further down their funnel.

Many even understand that effective blogging isn’t just about regularly posting on their own website. They see more traffic and engagement by posting elsewhere, too.

In 2019, content-marketing success will belong to those businesses that understand how to do this.

No, we’re not talking about traditional guest-posting. Yes, that should still be a huge priority for its ability to provide backlinks, drive traffic, and build authority.

However, simply picking industry sites and trying to get posts published on them is no longer sufficient for successful outreach.

Instead, there are two specific sites you need to target.

The first is Quora, which is basically just a Q&A website. The reason why Quora is great for lead generation marketing is because it’s one of the top 100 sites in the world and, by answering questions, the popular site positions you as an authority.

Posting on Quora is easy and free, so give it as much time as you can in 2019 and your site will see more qualified leads ready to convert.

2. Email Marketing Will Become Mandatory

Somehow, even as we near 2019, more than half of B2B companies don’t use email marketing – at all.

This is despite the fact that email marketing’s ROI tends to average around $44 on the dollar.

Furthermore, organic traffic is going to become even harder to garner in 2019 – one more reason to leverage Quora.

B2B companies simply can no longer afford to assume that someone who visits their website will eventually return for their next step down the funnel. Instead, you need to earn email addresses and then use them.

Don’t compete with other companies on Google. Win customers through your marketing emails.

3. Paid Traffic Is Overwhelming Organic Results

Another big reason organic lead generation marketing is becoming a thing of the past is because Google is favoring paid ads more than ever.

In short, the open real estate for organic traffic is getting smaller and smaller by the day. So, unless you already enjoy plenty of leads coming to your site, it might be too late to enter the organic-traffic fray.

Instead, focus more of your budget on paid ads. If you’re new to the method, assume that, at first, you probably won’t see much in the way of returns. However, just like with any lead generation marketing strategy, patience will pay off. You’ll soon see traffic from qualified leads whom you could have never won over from ranking on SERPs.

To be clear, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t still post on your company’s blog. That content can still be very helpful for your marketing funnel. It’s just that bringing people to your blog will be much easier via paid traffic.

The Force-Multiplier for Lead Generation Marketing in 2019

By implementing the advice above about lead generation marketing, you should have plenty to look forward to in 2019.

However, if you want even better chances of success, then make this the year you leverage the right technology, too.

At Hushly, our software doesn’t just improve your preexisting content’s engagement. It improves conversions, too. Best of all, it does this while cutting costs.

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