Lead generation marketing is the lifeblood of any B2B company. Unless you have a consistent stream of qualified leads coming in, you may soon be out of business.

While the Internet offers a number of options for generating leads, you may have noticed that your efforts plateaued at some point. You’re still seeing new leads, but you’re not seeing constant increases like you once did.

If this sounds familiar, now’s the time to take your campaigns to the next level.

3 Ways to Improve Your Lead Generation Marketing

The good news is that there are three lead generation marketing strategies that are proven to work for B2B companies. So, if you are no longer seeing a consistent increase in leads, month after month, begin changing that by implementing the following three methods.

1. Invest Heavily in Case Studies

Case studies are essential forms of marketing copy for B2B companies. They prove what your business can do for its clients, wiping away any doubt in the minds of prospects.

This is why it should be a priority for your content marketing efforts. The more often you remind your market of the kinds of results your company is able to produce, the easier it will be for leads to convert.

Case studies are extremely versatile, too. You can use a case study throughout your lead generation marketing funnel. It’s usually a good idea to put it in the middle when prospects begin considering your business as a solution.

At the same time, if you use it to show a step-by-step process your prospects can use, it can sit at the very top of your funnel. It’s great for getting your emails opened, as well.

If your business doesn’t have any case studies at the moment, start here. This will take your campaigns to the next level right away.

2. Become an Invaluable Resource to Your Entire Market

When it comes to the rest of your content marketing, take a broad perspective, both in terms of what you publish and where you do it.

If you publish enough helpful content all over the web – not just your site – prospects will soon associate your business with helpful information. When they need the types of services you offer, this will be a massive advantage.

So, find the sites your market visits and look into guest-posting opportunities. Again, this will put you in front of your market. It can also earn your site valuable backlinks.

That said, don’t just cover topics specific to what your business offers. For example, if you sell employee time-tracking software, don’t only cover this topic with your content. That would make your company seem one-dimensional and focused solely on getting a sale.

Instead, think about your prospects. In this case, it would be HR managers. What other kind of information would they most likely be interested in reading about? This approach will give you countless topics and far more opportunities for guest-posting on sites that will bring you leads.

3. Consider an ABM Approach

Account-based marketing (ABM) is popular among many B2B companies. Instead of creating a lead-generation funnel meant for their entire marketing, an ABM approach means zeroing in on specific companies and building funnels for each one.

It can be incredibly effective. After all, every step of the funnel – including all of the content – is created for just one company.

However, it’s not a very realistic option for many B2B companies.

Still, you can borrow from ABM for much of your lead generation marketing efforts by leveraging the power of personalization.

In email marketing, this might mean just breaking your segments down into more detailed versions, ensuring each company receives emails with the most relevant information possible.

On your website, personalization would mean tagging your content with these hyper-specific segments, so that returning prospects see the information they’re most interested in.

A Direct Path to Better Lead Generation Marketing

While the above advice about lead generation marketing will help your company start seeing better results in the very near future, there’s an even more direct approach you can take.

At Hushly, we’ve created a platform that has helped clients increase landing page conversions by more than 50% while cutting costs by more than 66%. Incredibly, they didn’t have to change anything else other than putting our platform to work.

So, while you’re busy improving your current lead generation marketing campaigns with the above information, let Hushly help.

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