Although every B2B company is different, it’s common knowledge that every B2B marketing campaign needs to include the power of email.

Aside from the fact that email has proven to offer the highest ROI of any marketing channel, it’s also one of the easiest to leverage.

Still, it’s not so easy that many marketers don’t make mistakes and never see that impressive ROI. If you’re among those who haven’t enjoyed those results, don’t give up on email yet. You just need to know how to leverage it properly.

3 Essential Tactics for a B2B Email Marketing Campaign

Creating the kind of email marketing funnel that keeps your leads engaged and eventually converts them is invaluable.

Fortunately, it’s also fairly easy to do.

Just focus on implementing the following three steps, and you’ll quickly see results.

1. Always Utilize Lead Scoring

Lead scoring should be a part of any B2B marketing campaign unless your industry is in such a small niche that you literally only have one or two leads at a time.

Otherwise, it’s vital that you immediately rank leads based on their potential for increasing your revenues. Without scoring them like this, you might see impressive conversions but not among high-value prospects.

It’s especially important that you use scoring before sending emails to a new lead.

Again, if you have a small enough number that you can personalize every email you send, great. Do that. If that’s not an option, though, you need to identify which high-value prospects deserve a personalized message. Automate the others, but spend the time to take an account-based-marketing approach with the emails you send to leads you want to convert the most. You might even consider making a great first impression by having your executive send it.

2. Get Them Back to Your Website

One of the reasons email marketing is such an effective strategy is because its analytics are extremely easy to analyze.

For the most part, it comes down to:

As long as those two metrics keep trending up, your marketing campaign is doing its job.

Still, one drawback is that it often helps to have a lot more information. So, with every email, give your recipient an opportunity to come back to your site. You can even provide them with multiple links to different pages.

The idea is that you want to bring them back to an environment where you can better monitor their behavior. This will give you greater opportunities to collect intent data, which can become a massive advantage for the rest of your conversion funnel.

Just be sure you link to pages you know are relevant to each recipient’s unique interests and that they’re not sales pages. If it appears as though you’re trying to push them toward the site – instead of just offering some helpful materials – you could lose them.

3. Prepare for the Long Haul

The average B2B buying cycle differs a lot by industry and company size, but it almost always takes months before a prospect commits.

That’s a lot longer than what most B2C companies need to prepare for with their email marketing campaigns. It’s not uncommon for marketers to rely on just three-to-five messages to close the majority of their prospects.

You’ll most likely need a lot more than that. You also need to consider that an average of 6.8 buyers are involved with each decision.

Keep this in mind when you’re creating your email marketing funnels. You need to align your emails to your buyers’ journey. If you don’t have enough messages, what will inevitably happen is that you’ll try to go for the conversion before your recipient is ready.

It will probably take some experience before you have your journey perfectly mapped, but you should already have some information from which to work. At the very least, think about how long it generally takes for a new lead to convert. Then, budget at least one email a week, each with plenty of links back to your site.

Making Email a Priority for Your Marketing Campaign

A successful B2B marketing campaign requires a number of ingredients, but do not forget about the importance of email.

Of course, it’s much easier to make it a priority when it regularly ends with conversions.

That’s where Hushly comes in. Our platform immediately increases the conversions B2B companies see from the content they’ve already created.

So, if you’d like more email addresses and an easier time converting each recipient, contact us today to see how we can help.

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