You hear it all the time, “B2B marketing automation is supposed to make your life easier – not harder” but you can’t see it.

To you, automation just sounds like a huge hassle. Everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon and you’ve got to follow their lead or get left behind.

For most people, drastic changes – especially to your business plan – are never easy or fun to implement. Mistakes will be made. You risk losing money. Plus, you don’t even know where to start!

Not to frighten you, but there’s a good chance you’re already using some types of marketing automation in your daily routine. 

How to Make the Most of B2B Marketing Automation Software: Take Things Slow

Take a deep breath. Digital transformation can’t, and frankly shouldn’t, happen overnight.

Major companies like GE and Ford wasted a total of $900 billion last year over their failed digital transformation efforts.

How did this happen? They focused too much on the need to transform by 2020 and didn’t communicate effectively with their employees – you know, the people who were actually doing the work.

In short, they tried to move too fast and transform everything overnight. Don’t make that your goal. It’s simply not realistic.

Instead, focus on making incremental changes – like you’ve probably already been doing without even realizing it (like email marketing or social media scheduling)!

Moving slowly ensures that you’ll only include B2B marketing automation software that you absolutely need. Yes, you should have some urgency to stay on-par with your competitors, but don’t let the pressure to automate overshadow your material conditions.

How Can the Best B2B Marketing Automation Platform Level-up Your Business?

While everyone knows automation can help you get more done, faster, in less time – what does that look like in practice?

B2B Marketing Automation Software Helps Improve Lead Scoring Abilities

When someone visits your website and submits their email address, wouldn’t it be helpful to know which type of pages they visited right away? For example, you’d want to know if they browsed your open career positions compared to case studies, right?

Of course. Because that information is vital for scoring leads. If you can use automation to detect that someone was browsing your career pages, you’d know right away that they’re actually a negative lead.

Automation can also help you build profiles for improved lead scoring abilities.

A human lead verification system will cross-reference a lead’s email address with publicly available information on LinkedIn. It will put together a comprehensive profile for each lead with their firmographic data like company name, company size, job role, and other key factors.


The Best B2B Marketing Automation Platform Helps Personalize Content Marketing

The line keeps blurring between B2B and B2C. Yes, the buying cycle is still long in B2B, business decisions aren’t impulsive, and several people are involved in each purchase.

However, buyers expect the same personalized consumer-style experience they receive from major brands like Netflix and Spotify.

Personalized content isn’t a choice anymore. 85% of B2Bs will dismiss a company that doesn’t personalize the very first point of contact. Meanwhile, 83% of B2Bs say the key to winning their business is treating them like a human being instead of just another number.

B2B marketing automation makes it easy to personalize every visitor’s experience on your website using data that’s already available. By taking note of the blog posts their read, an algorithm can continue recommending similar pieces of content. Like so:


Successful Account-Based Marketing

As automation makes it increasingly easier to personalize content on websites in real-time, more and more brands are understanding the secret of account-based marketing.

Now, account-based marketing strategies are only successful when you have accurate intel. If your data is bad, your whole personalization strategy falls apart and with ABM, your risk is much higher in this respect.

Since automation has made it easier to break your data out of silos and update it in real-time, more businesses have been able to develop effective ABM strategies.

More Effective Lead Tracking

Lead tracking is important because it helps guide your marketing decisions.

Are your tactics working? Are you generating more leads? Are people even seeing your content?

Marketing automation software makes it easy to see exactly which channels (PPC, social media, email, etc.) are generating the most leads so you can figure out what’s working and what’s not.

You can also see where leads drop out of your funnel so you can pinpoint what’s going wrong and where.

Sure, you could figure all of this out without automation – but it would take much, much longer.

B2B Marketing Automation Software Can Help Nurture Leads While You Sleep

Your leads complete between 57% and 90% of the buying process all alone without reaching out to anyone at your company – not a live chat, text, or call!

It’s critical that you design a website that allows leads to self-nurture at their own pace.

When a lead visits your website, it should be easy for them to find the information they came for – and then some. Automation helps guide them along in the sales process where your sales team can’t.

Harness the Power of B2B Marketing Automation Software to Convert More Leads

See? Marketing automation doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. Sure, if you move too fast you risk losing money and screwing up your marketing strategy. However, if you take things slow and use automation to find solutions for problems, wonderful things happen!

Hushly can help you take your marketing personalization automation to the next level with minimal effort and resources. Using data you already have, Hushly can help you personalize every visitor’s experience on your website – whether known or anonymous.

It sounds complicated but it’s actually really simple. Our system tracks what type of content they like and continues showing them similar content – yep, just like Netflix.

See Hushly in action now! You’ll only pay for genuine leads – not using our platform or fake leads.

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