As a cybersecurity SaaS provider, you need to have an effective marketing strategy with plenty of room for experimentation to reach the right people. However, finding the perfect cybersecurity marketing tactics to improve your reach can be tricky because cybersecurity is a niche with a lot of competition.

So, before diving into tactics to help you reach new leads, let’s discuss the unique challenges you might face when marketing a cybersecurity product. 

How Do You Market a Cybersecurity Product?

When marketing a cybersecurity product, your product content should always be easy to understand and informative. It should convince your clients that your product can help protect their data and keep their networks safe.

Your approach will depend not only on what product you’re providing but also on the audience you’re trying to reach. If you’re marketing to the everyday consumer, you need to think about how you can educate them about cybersecurity’s benefits and uses using simple, jargon-free language. Some examples may include:

  • Blogs on the importance of cybersecurity
  • Explainer videos on cybersecurity threats and how to avoid them
  • Live Q&A sessions on your social media platform featuring experts in the field to answer frequently asked questions

On the other hand, if you’re marketing to a B2B audience, you likely don’t have to educate them so much on the importance of cybersecurity. Rather, you’ll have to convince them on how you can help them achieve their business goals while staying safe in today’s digital world. In this case, some examples of marketing tactics may include: 

  • In-person and virtual events that showcase your product or service in action
  • Research reports on the latest cyber threats and how to protect your business
  • Short and long-form content that educates and engages your customers

Your approach will depend on your audience, their needs, your product, and the level of awareness you want to create for your company.

5 Cybersecurity Marketing Tactics to Improve Reach and Generate More Leads

Research shows that the cybersecurity market is supposed to reach approximately $262.22 billion by the end of this year, reaching nearly $345.4 billion in the next three years. 

Source: Statista

With the right marketing tactics, your cybersecurity SaaS can stand out from the competition and reach more customers. If you’re struggling with finding cybersecurity marketing tactics that work for you, then consider these five methods to help you increase your reach and generate more leads for your cybersecurity SaaS brand:

1. Prioritize Your Content Marketing Strategy

Cybersecurity content marketing is a highly effective strategy that can help you reach a wider audience and help your brand become an authoritative source of information. Given that roughly 46% of all B2B marketers say they spend at least 50% or more of their marketing budgets on content marketing, it’s safe to say that this particular marketing tactic is highly effective and has huge potential to grow your business.

When done right, content marketing and proper SEO optimization will get your content in front of the right audience when they need it most. You can do this by producing the right content for your target audience and incorporating appropriate keywords and phrases to help search engines identify your content. 

Not quite sure where to invest your content time to get the best results? According to a collaborative research study done by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, in the last year, B2B companies found that the most effective content marketing tactics included:

  • In-person events
  • Virtual events/webinars/online courses
  • Research reports
  • E-books/white papers

Source: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs

For those in the cybersecurity industry, these formats are all excellent ways to showcase your product’s abilities while showcasing the benefits of your product to your customers and prospects.

2. Incorporate Paid Ads into Your Marketing Mix

While paid advertisements often get a bad reputation, they can be extremely effective. One study showed that approximately 75% of people say that paid search ads make it easier to find the right information, with 33% saying they click on paid search ads because it directly answers their question.

For those in the cybersecurity industry, paid ads can help get your product right in front of your target audience when they need a solution. Optimizing your paid ads ensures you get the most out of your ad spend and target the right audience. In the following paid ad, you can see how Sundog security uses paid ads to reach their target using popular keywords, including:

  • Expert IT services & support
  • Managed IT services
  • VoIP
  • Cybersecurity

Source: Google Search for “cybersecurity for small businesses.”

Backlinks are links found on other websites that point back to your site. Good-quality backlinks show search engines that your site is a credible source of information and reliable products and services.

When someone is searching for a cybersecurity product or service online, they will look for a company that has a credible online presence, proven to be trustworthy by past customers and visitors. Having backlinks to your website from reliable software review sites like G2, Capterra, or tech blogs will help build credibility and give you an edge in search engine rankings.

4. Develop a Vertical-Focused Content Strategy

Creating specific content tailored towards a certain sector allows you to reach a more targeted audience that’s more likely to be interested in your services.

When it comes to cybersecurity, different verticals may include:

  • Application security
  • Cloud security
  • Data security
  • Identity management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Web security

By creating content focused on these specific verticals, you’re showing that you understand the complexity of the industry and can speak confidently to your audience. It also shows them that you understand the nuances of their unique niches and can provide them with valuable content that will help them make informed decisions.

5. Consider Every Persona in Your Security Offerings 

The average B2B client profile is made up of six to 10 people, each with their own unique needs that need to be addressed before a sale can finally be made. Take the time to create relevant content for every persona that makes up your ideal customer profile in the decision-making process to prove your solution is ideal for them and their unique needs.

Maximize Your Cybersecurity Marketing Tactics by Taking an ABM Approach with Hushly 

One of the most effective ways to maximize your cybersecurity marketing efforts is to take an account-based marketing (ABM) approach. This strategy focuses on tailoring your marketing efforts to specific accounts and understanding the needs of each individual within that specific account. With ABM, you can create personalized content to reach each account, making your marketing efforts more effective and driving more conversions.

With Hushly’s ABM experience tools, you can get the insights you need to connect with your ideal prospects and create a personalized experience that addresses their needs and shows them that you’re the solution they’ve been searching for. 

Ready to see what Hushly’s ABM experience tools can do for you? Contact us today for your demo.  

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